Beta Releases

Before MoTeC officially releases new software, Beta versions will be available on this page for customers to download freely. By making our Beta software accessible to the public, new features, updates and improvements can be tested on a range of real world applications.

IMPORTANT: Beta software may contain bugs, instabilities and incomplete features. It has not been fully tested. For maximum reliability please use the Latest Release Software.


Your feedback on our Beta software is important. Please direct emails to:, including details of your application and the operating system on your PC.


If you would like to be notified when new Beta software is available, please send an email to to join our software mailing list. You will also be notified when Latest Release versions are available. 


Note: Beta Release Notes follow the software links. We recommend reading these notes before installing the software. 

Beta Software

Data Acquisition and Displays (Beta)
File Size Last Updated
ADR Manager V1.1.0.0026 7 MB Nov 8th 2016 14:46
Power Distribution (Beta)
File Size Last Updated
PDM16 PDM32 PDM15 PDM30 Manager V1.8.0.0025 8 MB Jun 20th 2016 11:05
Lambda Measurement (Beta)
File Size Last Updated
LTC LTCD Manager V1.1.2.0007 8 MB Jun 20th 2016 11:04

Beta Release Notes

Beta Release Notes
File Size Last Updated
Beta Release Notes - ADR Manager V1.1.0.0026 31 KB Nov 8th 2016 14:53
Beta Release Notes - LTC LTCD Manager V1.1.2.0007 60 KB Jun 20th 2016 11:02
Beta Release Notes - PDM16 PDM32 PDM15 PDM30 Manager V1.8.0.0025 34 KB Jun 20th 2016 11:01