The following upgrades are available for the C185 Display Logger and may be enabled at the time of purchase or any time later when the need arises. The unit does not need to be sent back to receive upgrades.

C185 Upgrade


500Mb + USB Logging (L2)

Part No. #29718

Logging Level 2 upgrade increases the C185's internal logging memory to 500 MB and enables the use of USB logging.

It also comes with use of MoTeC's world class i2 data analysis software. The advanced version, i2 Pro, can be used by purchasing the Pro Analysis Upgrade or a Feature Licence

44 I/O

Part No. #29700

This upgrade activates additional C185 inputs and outputs. It allows for:

- 10 additional analogue voltage inputs
- 4 additional analogue temperature inputs

Display Creator

Part No. #29716

The Display Creator upgrade allows users to design custom graphics and screen layouts for display on the C185 screen, tailoring the look and functionality to a specific application. Designs can incorporate images, logos, icons, colour themes and creative gauge ideas.

The Display Creator software is free to download and experiment, but the upgrade must be enabled in order to send screen configurations to the device.

Pro Analysis

Part No. #29720

Provides access to advanced i2 Pro data analysis software with multiple graph overlays, X-Y plots, advanced maths functions, synchronised video (automatic alignment), and flexible layouts to accommodate virtually any user preference.

Compare the features in i2 Standard versus i2 Pro.

T2 Telemetry

Part No. #29723

Provides access to MoTeC's next generation T2 Telemetry software.

Advanced Functions

Part No. #29705

Enables more complex functionality, including:

-  Advanced Maths
-  Channel Maths
-  16 x 2D Tables (4 as standard)
-  16 x 3D Tables (4 as standard)
-  50 User Conditions (20 as standard)