Colour Display Smarts


The new C1 Series Displays now make important session information easy to use. Session Time, Laps Completed and Fastest Lap Time are all displayed on the default screens in prominent places, and reset as part of the Session Start reset.

  • Session Start (Hold Alarm Acknowledge for 3 seconds)

  • By holding the alarm reset button down for 3 seconds, the C1 Series Display recognises that a new session has begun. The dash resets the following channels:

  • Lap Number

  • Lap Time

  • Session Timer

  • The addition of a Session Timer in the standard template lets the driver know how long the session has been running. This invaluable information tells a driver how much time is left in those valuable practice and qualifying sessions.

  • With the session reset, the driver can now be sure that their lap count is up to date.