MoTeC's fully updatable software is designed to quickly optimise the setup of your vehicle. It is user-friendly with an intuitive menu structure and extensive help screens.

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ADL3 Dash Manager Software

This Windows-based software is designed for setup and management of the EDL3 data logging system. A configuration file is generated offline and then sent to the EDL3.


  • User-defined conditions to trigger alarms

  • Calculations including lap times, lap gain/loss, speed and distance, fuel prediction

  • Monitor active channels—view all channels live through the Ethernet connection

  • Sensor zeroing

  • Details editor including event, venue and vehicle details

  • Help screens

i2 Data Analysis Software

  • Analysing logged data quickly and efficiently

  • Viewing data, collected from the internal logging memory, numerically or graphically to evaluate the health and performance of the vehicle and to assess driving technique

  • Monitoring various parameters in order to make improvements to performance and maintain vehicle reliability

Use of i2 Standard data analysis software is included. In addition, the Pro Analysis upgrade is available which gives access to the i2 Pro version of the software.
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Telemetry Software

  • Viewing data in real time

  • Monitoring the engine and chassis from the pit while the vehicle is on track

The Telemetry upgrade must be enabled to use Telemetry software.
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Latest Software

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