6 December 2018
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Revision History:

Version - (6 December 2018)

New in this version:
  • Feature #16976: Sort ECU Database
  • Feature #18181: Allow compare value to be selected with mouse click (as per minimum and maximum)
  • Feature #18228: Make caption optional (except calibrate control)
  • Feature #18298: Option to set a Calibrate object's tree view to be Expand All.
  • Feature #18459: Allow worksheets to be migrated when unlocked
  • Feature #18597: Ability to specify default state of tags across all components
  • Feature #18603: Allow Tune to Open I2 Pro even when ECU doesn't have Pro Enabled
  • Feature #18604: Add keyboard shortcut for "Save-As"
  • Feature #18605: Add keyboard shortcuts for horizontal only and vertical only interpolation
  • Feature #18954: table: Hide "Another axis is available" when there is no space
  • Feature #19409: Allow layouts to be unlocked on load (off by default)
  • Feature #19410: Maintain search text across dialogue invocations
  • Feature #19411: Add global setting to turn off tag control
  • Feature #19412: Add save/discard prompt when changes have been made and ESCAPE key pressed
Fixed in this version:
  • Bug #17214: Typo in 'Retrieve Logged Data' dialog
  • Bug #17446: Non-informative error when saving logged data image to forbidden directory
  • Bug #17712: Crash if new workbook created then package sent without saving
  • Bug #17783: Calibrate object search bar does not clear when search bar is hidden
  • Bug #18354: Copying when renaming a workbook reports workbook already exists
  • Bug #18429: No login prompt when adding a compare package with security
  • Bug #18967: Table: Compare mode may report difference on a disabled axis
  • Bug #19063: Hidden items still shown in Calibrate object
  • Bug #19078: Display decimal places: incorrect (large) minimum for some units
  • Bug #19275: typo: Interpolate Horizonatlly
  • Bug #19296: Calibrate component with single table still displays in tree mode
  • Bug #19314: Unable to change the colour of printed channel names

Revision History:

Version - (5 December 2017)

New in this version:
  • Feature #13081: Load hardware enumerators and help from system (eg so new Reference Modes are immediately visible)
  • Feature #15865: Add Batch log convert
  • Feature #17276: tags: maintain selection in controls until Tune exits
  • Feature #17456: Scrutineering: add ability to manually adjust Memory Group list
  • Feature #17970: Add ability to select exact system release (instead of most recent)
  • Feature #18074: Capture Inputs: support interaction with main Tune window
  • Feature #18212: Retrieve Logged Data: Integrate with new "Recent Unloads" shortcut in i2
Fixed in this version:
  • Bug #14848: Occasional workspace corruption (not correctly written to disk)
  • Bug #15738: Editing Channel Properties on a time/distance graph causes scroll issue
  • Bug #15843: Changing a strengthened ECUs number in Scrutineering doesn't clear the Strengthen
  • Bug #15927: Table Axis Setup dialogue: Import reads values incorrectly
  • Bug #15962: Table body displays incorrect delta with %trim display units
  • Bug #15970: Selected parameter value is not displayed in the status bar (for calibrate components)
  • Bug #16046: Laps don't get split in i2 with beacon number > 16383
  • Bug #16298: Lots of error messages converting log image
  • Bug #16417: Crash in tag management
  • Bug #16418: Crash due to receiving ECU messages while shutting down
  • Bug #16419: Crash checking for updates
  • Bug #16420: Error reading m1cfg file with infinite values
  • Bug #16581: m1cfg import can fail if it assigns a resource
  • Bug #16612: Application error in tag management (possibly due to swapping packages)
  • Bug #16911: Application error (possibly due to corrupt package)
  • Bug #16985: Send Package sometimes fails when user has restricted data access (eg Guest User)
  • Bug #16989: Application error when swapping compare packages
  • Bug #16998: Send Package sometimes fails with "You do not have permission to update the ECU Vehicle ID"
  • Bug #17326: FPGA image sent again even though it is correct
  • Bug #17352: Log decode/convert places too many videosync points into the converted LD file
  • Bug #17403: Calibrate Control: some Calibration parameters are not shown in tree view
  • Bug #17437: Scrutineering: fails to load package with automatic security groups
  • Bug #17441: Archiver: calibrations folder doesn't work with multiple users (updates silently fails). Check for Updates required after installing to ensure calibrations are visible
  • Bug #17460: Installing M1 Tune application from updates dialogue may fail on Windows 10
  • Bug #17625: Exporting Alarms causes application crash
  • Bug #17709: Scrutineering: keeps reporting "processing" if ECU is turned off during operation
  • Bug #17817: log convert silently fails if the logged data folder doesn't exist (eg removable drive)
  • Bug #18053: Package Publish can increase logging setting beyond hardware capability
  • Bug #18229: Imported alarms don't operate until Tune is restarted

Version - (28 July 2016)

New in this version:
  • Feature #7383: Support i2 standard with 'Open in i2' in log unload dialog (requires i2 std >= 1.1.2)
Fixed in this version:
  • Bug #15376: learning tables: axis does not migrate
  • Bug #15392: 'merging' a previously used package when sending might fail

Version - (17 March 2016)

New in this version:
  • FIA scrutineering inspected version
  • Feature #14342: Improve scrutineering support based on FIA review
  • Feature #14242: Tags: Use tag groups to enhance usability
  • Feature #14279: Improve check for updates UI and error reporting
  • Feature #14468: Add search to calibrate control help
Fixed in this version:
  • Bug #13700: resources are not purged when a subsystem is set to 'Not in Use'
  • Bug #14421: Beacons not generated in data logging files from System 1.4 based (eg July 2015) firmware
  • Bug #14489: Table: Operating site not displayed if an unused axis channel is NaN
  • Bug #14608: Save can corrupt calibration load
  • Bug #14654: Unusual window title for add user
  • Bug #14699: invalid items dialog: Crash editing table
  • Bug #14820: Migrate all tries to adjust read-only values
  • Bug #14844: Data Logging: Subsystem hiding in not considered by channel selection
  • Bug #14859: Crash switching security users
  • Bug #14972: Package Compare: Missing calibrations (not installed in PC) shown as differences

Version - (8 September 2015)

Major changes in this version:
  • Feature #13852: Support i2 style Error/Status display when telemetry paused (press 'e' when telemetry paused 't')
  • Feature #12018: Advanced calibration mechanism for sensors and actuators (requires package using System 1.4.0.xxxx)
  • Hide unused items (details below)
  • Feature #11240: Add input capture support for all UDIG pins (aka "ref/sync capture": requires package using System 1.4.0.xxxx)
  • Feature #10980: table: prompt to apply changes to similar tables (ie all Cylinders)
  • Feature #7124: Log convert in native data type to maintain precision (add native f32 to log file)
  • Feature #11256: add support for learning tables (requires package using System 1.4.0.xxxx)
  • Feature #11281: Maintain telemetry data when ECU resets or disconnects
  • Feature #11293: Check for updates: offer public package updates
  • Feature #11321: Add tag cloud selection: eg hide advanced channels (requires package using System 1.4.0.xxxx)
  • Feature #11453: Add System Release Notes to help menu
  • Performance improvements (detail below)
New in this version:
  • Feature #4877: Status Light setting selectable from Enumerated States
  • Feature #6239: Add support for logging parameters
  • Feature #6745: Add display min/max values to log files
  • Feature #6969: table: add Cutaway View for 2+ axis
  • Feature #7551: Add Multi select to "Tools - Show Data properties"
  • Feature #8006: Logging erase dialog is too similar to retrieve dialog and needs more confirmation to erase
  • Feature #11098: Improve performance with virus scanners (use less files for DAQ caching)
  • Feature #11104: Robust data validation: validate hash matches cal data in package
  • Feature #11116: table: Add a "hint" that more axes are available
  • Feature #11117: Improve Tools->Migrate Data: allow collapsing the tree and add buttons for migration
  • Feature #11133: performance: faster package load (greater improvements for packages using System 1.4.0.xxxx)
  • Feature #11134: performance: faster package save (greater improvements for packages using System 1.4.0.xxxx)
  • Feature #11147: Limit the "Recent ECU" list to 5
  • Feature #11242: support full precision GPS data (requires package using System 1.4.0.xxxx)
  • Feature #11244: Improve visibility of "firmware upgrade is available..." notification
  • Feature #11247: migration: warn if target package requires a different licence
  • Feature #11291: Support additional validation types: eg > 0, <= 0 (requires package using System 1.4.0.xxxx)
  • Feature #11297: Add complex display formats (eg hex, HH:MM:SS.sss)
  • Feature #11313: table: add slice site (tab) scrolling so tab is never too small to display axis values
  • Feature #11317: Support separate online (Q) and offline (L) tuning functions (requires package using System 1.4.0.xxxx)
  • Feature #11587: Add micrometre display unit
  • Feature #11645: Set ECU name to Vehicle ID
  • Feature #11736: Table: add continuous colour band support (enabled by default)
  • Feature #11797: Add private firmware disclaimer. Also remove incorrect support information from non-motec packages
  • Feature #11825: Logged Data: add support for units with longer names (increase from 8 to 20 characters)
  • Feature #11868: Terminology updates
  • Feature #11886: Do not prompt to open logged data in i2 Pro when it is not installed (customers with Std only)
  • Feature #11964: Hide unused items when Resource is not in use
  • Feature #11965: Hide items which are calibrated
  • Feature #12023: log convert: remove old abbreviation information from long comment field
  • Feature #12097: Migration: add support for renamed items (requires package using System 1.4.0.xxxx)
  • Feature #12141: support common shortcut keys (CTRL+S and function keys) from calibrate control filter box
  • Feature #12199: Add export / automatic import of ECU Licence information
  • Feature #12200: Add Tools->Show ECU Database to view recently accessed ecu information
  • Feature #12243: migration: change to display name based and support combinations of constants, parameters and tables
  • Feature #12402: Add "offer beta versions" option for check for updates
  • Feature #12405: Export entire table to file should suggest a file name (instead of blank) as per export current view to csv
  • Feature #13069: Hide unused items when an enumerated parameter is set to Not in Use
  • Feature #12637: Tools->Migrate Data: Show migration summary after "migrate all"
  • Feature #12599: Change Data Logging memory reserve from % to MiB
  • Feature #13834: Package Open: Allow filter views to be expanded / collapsed(default)
  • Feature #13422: Suppress migration warnings for hidden items
  • Feature #13435: Add information to distinguish extrapolating tables
Fixed in this version:
  • Bug #13255: copy table value to the next (Ctrl+Shift+Arrow) site doesn't work in graph view
  • Bug #13181: Logging setup doesn't show help for channels that are a default value
  • Bug #13039: Bad Table data migration when an enumerated axis is disabled in both source and destination packages
  • Bug #13024: Package matching ECU prompts with "blank" login prompt
  • Bug #12675: Resource parameter clipped at bottom of application window
  • Bug #12572: Exported m1cal files can not be imported by tune
  • Bug #12571: Copy / paste of table axis inserts bad sites
  • Bug #12851: Can't adjust log system security when diagnostic logging is configured
  • Bug #12642: Migrate data crash when table has different axes in main and compare
  • Bug #12584: Prompted to clear log systems that are locked by security
  • Bug #12396: Calibrate control uses worksheet order, not package order, for user defined items
  • Bug #12547: Table axis doesn't update when display DPS are changed
  • Bug #12396: Calibrate control uses worksheet order, not package order, for user defined items
  • Bug #12444: Large delay between Retrieving Data Logging Decoder and start of Retrieving Logged Data
  • Bug #6653: table: some data unexpectedly marked as modified and "well adjusted" marks sometimes lost when axis site inserted
  • Bug #7125: % reserved should not be disabled when > 1 log system available
  • Bug #7607: Multiple Save/Discard prompts - looks like the first one was ignored
  • Bug #7987: Migration can result in very small calibration differences
  • Bug #10488: table: current site incorrectly lines drawn over operating point when one site behind in graph view
  • Bug #11015: Keyboard focus doesn't always go to active control after switching worksheets with ESC -> select worksheet
  • Bug #11099: Some enumerators are truncated on time graph
  • Bug #11100: Some operations are delayed until several seconds after application starts (Update of package cache can be very slow)
  • Bug #11171: Default button should be "Yes" when deleting packages from the "Open Package" dialogue.
  • Bug #11251: Lockup if convert log image selected immediately after starting application
  • Bug #11430: Package open defaults to filtering by first child item
  • Bug #11445: Migrate doesn't support value input parameter -> parameter
  • Bug #11493: table: axes treated incorrectly with degree advance display units
  • Bug #11588: Corrupt meta info in package after changing security
  • Bug #11589: help search removes child items
  • Bug #11613: table orientation information is not preserved by migration
  • Bug #11635: Lockup after closing package licence dialog with ESC while sending a package
  • Bug #11662: Large pause when installing: introduced in
  • Bug #11750: Generated relicense name is incorrect with new format development licence names
  • Bug #11789: Calibration scripts report an error when channel is NAN
  • Bug #11820: Detect when logging is stopped with continuous ECU power (would generate blank regions in log file and possibly crash)
  • Bug #11830: Occasional crash if tune started then immediately closed
  • Bug #11837: Package send fails for published package when log system 1 is hidden by security
  • Bug #11859: Unexpected power cycle marks in log file
  • Bug #11861: Crash exporting log image
  • Bug #11866: Save key binding (CTRL+S) does not work from calibrate control help region
  • Bug #11975: Time graph properties channel list always scrolls to top when a change is made
  • Bug #12134: Crash retrieving broken stream
  • Bug #12190: graph channel list SHIFT-click multi-select doesn't work if list doesn't already have focus
  • Bug #12232: Edit Data Logging: Selection not preserved after switching between data logging system tabs
  • Bug #12358: fixed width columns can be incorrectly resized via double click on divider
  • Bug #12359: Package Data Migration - Logging System Differences
  • Bug #12406: m1cfg files may not load on another computer (use locale specific decimal separator)
  • Bug #13867: Dock windows (eg Firmware Help) remember location second monitor even when not present
  • Bug #13872: Changing resource to 'Analogue Voltage Input 1' does not report Reset Required
  • Bug #13900: Corrupt workspace after Tune hung when exiting
  • Bug #14060: A parameter displayed as a group value doesn't update when compare mode is toggled
  • Bug #13772: Unload data logging stops when a sector is not available
  • Bug #13704: Incorrect names for compound resources (eg Brdige Outputs)
  • Bug #13589: ECU may still shown as connected (but not reconnect) when PC resumed or USB Ethernet interface unplugged
  • Bug #13587: Tooltip display can cause lockup when using touch screen
  • Bug #13561: Calibrate control sometimes just shows blank help after loading package
  • Bug #13476: Erase logging fails if the ECU doesn't have a package
  • Bug #12574: table axes may swap orientation after migration
  • Bug #14083: Divide by 0 quick expression (ie '0/') sets value to infinite or NaN

Version - (28 March 2014)

New in this version:
  • Feature #123: Configurable alarms with pop-up Alerts, sounds and "text to speech"
  • Feature #5682: Support logged data HD-VCS video sync (with suitable package)
  • Feature #6916: Allow Slice Axis to be configured on the calibrate component
  • Feature #7121: Support "disabling" an enumerated table axis
  • Feature #7208: Reset latched faults and warning when an ECU reset occurs
  • Feature #8212: Periodic "check for update" when M1 Tune starts
  • Feature #8216: Remove delay after installing archives
  • Feature #9949: Add tool tips for calibrate control icons (eg ECU reset required, quick adjust)
  • Feature #10043: Update the included example package
  • Feature #10132: Improve workspace selection user interface
  • Feature #10465: Default selection to first item in list/tree for improved help visibility
  • Feature #10466: Data logging: Reduce metadata size for better performance of packages with new help
  • Feature #10470: Add parent help links to worksheet controls for improved navigation
  • Feature #10471: Improve visibility of 3D Graph active site
  • Feature #10783: migration: add a warning when an item has been added that may need calibration
  • Feature #10784: Add Parameter -> Table migration
  • Feature #10809: Preserve the table orientation information in the package
  • Feature #11031: Improve Table Surface & Delta Color configuration
Fixed in this version:
  • Bug #7576: Scaling a table by a negative value doesn't work
  • Bug #7688: logged data: "Open in i2 Pro" sometimes closes the package
  • Bug #7864: "Tools - Show Data properties" includes properties for groups and IO resources
  • Bug #7872: 'Numeric' control centres font when it is specified, but right aligns when 'auto size' is selected
  • Bug #7973: Crash retrieving package after migrating security
  • Bug #7989: Tune reports failed to send licence however licence _was_ sent successfully
  • Bug #8070: Forced to change package comment after sending migrated package that has users
  • Bug #8310: All channels report 0 for first few samples after ECU connect
  • Bug #8473: migration: "Failed to match destination axis" reported with some package changes
  • Bug #8510: Invalid log setup created with lots of channels at the same rate
  • Bug #8902: Unexpected warning migrating apparently identical tables
  • Bug #9072: crash changing table axis setup
  • Bug #9095: crash opening logging dialogue when ECU licence doesn't include logging
  • Bug #9232: Tune goes offline if ECU reset is required when firmware upgrade is selected
  • Bug #9849: Package publish fails due to diagnostic logging configuration
  • Bug #10007: Windows shutdown discards package changes
  • Bug #10023: Discovery "multiple instance" notification (Fix: do not run i2 pro as administrator)
  • Bug #10046: Dock window tooltip under menu item can disable mouse for dialogs
  • Bug #10490: Axis generation exceeds last value when increment is minimum display precision
  • Bug #10601: Unnecessary warning migrating a table when an unused axis was modified
  • Bug #10603: Open ECU goes offline if 'Send' selected for an offline edited package which changed the target ECU serial
  • Bug #10609: Package help 'wiring' view doesn't refresh when resources changed
  • Bug #10615: Calibrate items disappear after swapping to compare package with filter active
  • Bug #10718: Crash sending package with invalid (missing?) logging setups
  • Bug #10782: IO resource may fail to migrate when used in destination (clear destination resources before migration)
  • Bug #10824: incorrect migration warning: resource name and destination swapped in message
  • Bug #10856: Table "current view" export then import to blank table reports "data units do not match" when only 3rd axis enabled
  • Bug #10915: Crash when machine shutdown with dialog active
  • Bug #10976: Crash after security migration when sending a package migrated offline
  • Bug #11027: Cancelling package publish with 'X' results in tune 'Not Responding'
  • Bug #11050: Reconnect with a modified package doesn't merge package if the ECU has been modified with another computer
  • Bug #11052: Table Graph View compare mode (Delta) colour axis should have same scaling as normal display: +/- 0.5*(Display Maximum - Display Minimum)
  • Bug #11228: Can not install logged data image archive files (*.m1dli-archive file extension not registered)
  • Bug #11287: Open ECU doesn't check for offline changes when the matching package is open

Version - (11 October 2013)

New in this release:
Fixed in this release:
  • Bug #10024: Crash using calibration functions (eg Quick Lambda)

Version - (07 October 2013)

New in this release:
  • Feature #9916: display units: replace 'per 100rpm' units with 'per 1000rpm' units. Add 'per 1000degree' units
  • Feature #9897: display units: Add more energy display units (eg kJ, watt hour)
  • Feature #9870: display units: Add delta bar / mbar display unit
  • Feature #9013: Add flexibility to resource matching rules (eg fuel resources can support INJ_PH, INJ_LS and INJ_LS).
  • Feature #8181: Data Logging unload: Add support for i2 pro 1.1 with "Open in i2"
  • Feature #2047: time graph: show enumerator name instead of value for enumerated channels.
Fixed in this release:
  • Bug #9946: Autoscale ignored when workspace loaded if display min/max overrides are present
  • Bug #9939: Invalid log image if PC power lost while unloading data (and Tune crash when converting this image)
  • Bug #9913: Tune fails to retrieve or erase logged data when firmware is Locked.
  • Bug #8799: Occasional crash sending package due to issue with ECU information retrieval.
  • Bug #8496: Failed to detect first beacon in log image with mismatched beacon channel log rates.
  • Bug #8487: CSV import failure due to rounding errors in conversion.
  • Bug #8180: Enumerators are not visible in i2 ( or higher is now required).
  • Bug #8075: Calibration export truncates values to around 6dps.
  • Bug #7668: Lockup of Tune (and PC) with lots of channels on XP.
  • Bug #7878: incorrect scaling for per rpm display units of "Angular Speed Angle Gain" quantity

Version - (13 June 2013)

New in this release:
Fixed in this release:
  • Bug #7614: Crash connecting to ECU.
  • Bug #7743: Incorrect security error reporting when a log setup is disabled.
  • Bug #7759: Security Permissions user information not updated when data logging properties are changed.
  • Bug #7875: Sometimes help isn't shown when "F1" is pressed with a "Numeric" control active.
  • Bug #7887: Crash during log convert.
  • Bug #7979: Migrating to package that has a serial number results in Tune going offline.
  • Bug #8046: Crash when "bad" package file in packages folder.
  • Bug #8090: Crash sending package with invalid log setup.
  • Bug #8161: Incorrect unit scaling when locale doesn't use '.' as the decimal symbol (introduced in
  • Bug #8165: Crash clicking "open package" toolbar button.
Known issues:
  • Bug #7668: Lockup of Tune (and PC) with lots of channels on XP.
  • Workaround:
    • Go to the Tools->Options menu
    • Select the Telemetry tab
    • In Settings, change Limit data to 20 (mins)

Version - (15 February 2013)

New in this release:
  • Added: "Package Save" can be configured to prompt for a "Save As" on first invocation.
Fixed in this release:
  • Fixed: "Migrate Data" dialog wasn't showing all log setup differences.
  • Fixed: "Data Logging" now reschedules channels with invalid rates.
  • Fixed: "Data Logging" now reschedules channels before checking throughput limits.
  • Fixed: "Data Logging" setup error after attempting to disable a log system that is required for diagnostic logging.
  • Fixed: "Package Send" failure due to network communications issues.
  • Fixed: "Package Send" failure due to attempting to update M1 System when current user doesn't have permission

Version - (7 December 2012)

New in this release:
  • Added: "Logging" options property page (TT#3105).
  • Added: "Quick Filter" search field (TT#3126).
  • Added: "Delete Comment" ability for historic comments (TT#3127).
  • Added: "Quick Switch" F5 - F8 custom keys (TT#3150).
  • Added: "System File" update when opening a Package (TT#3151).
  • Added: "Check for Software Updates" feature.
  • Added: "Check for System File Updates" feature.
  • Added: "Show Security Permissions" now includes a summary of data item security group membership.
  • Added: Postfix math operators when adjusting table/parameter values.
  • Added: Package migration dialog now shows source and target Package properties.
  • Added: Parameter List component.
  • Added: Editable column widths in the Calibrate and Parameter List components.
  • Added: "Package Send" now checks for a merge candidate before proceeding.
Fixed in this release:
  • Fixed: Calibrate component tree hierarchy occasionally displays item in the wrong location (TT#3152).
  • Fixed: Only the first 'Firmware Start' event is visible in logged data.
  • Fixed: Incorrect Table migration when axis order has changed.
  • Fixed: "Package Send" may fail if the ECU user doesn't match Package user.
  • Fixed: "Package Send" may result in ECU rejecting calibration data due to security enforcement.
  • Fixed: Rejected calibration changes reverting to zero instead of previous value.
  • Fixed: Send/Save operations may fail due to compression error.
  • Fixed: Table/Parameter copy/paste operation may lose precision when DPS is not set high enough.
  • Fixed: "Retrieve Logged Data" fails if the user doesn't have the "Convert" permission set.
  • Fixed: Unknown units are now displayed as '?<unit>?' and treated as unitless.
  • Fixed: Resource parameter dropdown incorrectly shows ** Unknown ** when no resource selections are available.

Version - (25 May 2012)

New in this release:
  • Fast Ethernet based communications.
  • Industry standard public/private key security system.
  • Multiple independent data logging systems.
  • User configurable tuning workspaces.
  • Familiar look and feel based on the "i2" user interface.
  • Extensive package help system explaining the purpose of each Parameter, Channel and Table as it is selected.
  • PC based recording of ECU channels that can be paused and analysed whilst still connected to an ECU.
  • Live engine tuning with "Quick Lambda" - can also be performed using PC recorded data.
  • Dynamic package based pin listing including detailed pin usage information.
  • Table manipulation functions including smooth and interpolation.