03 April 2017
System Requirements:

Version - (03 April 2017)

ADR Hex 1.10E
ADR-Bootloader 1.08

UTC Firmware Update Required!

The MoTeC Discovery update included with this release will automatically update old firmware versions of any UTC directly connected to this PC to version 2.23. This upgrade is required for the UTC to function with this release of ADR Manager.

New in this release:
Fixed in this release:
Known Issues

Revision History:

Version - (6th February 2014)

ADR Hex 1.10B
ADR Bootloader 1.08

The firmware upgrade process (from V1.0 to V1.1) does not upgrade configurations. To upgrade a configuration, first save the configuration to disk in ADR Manager V1.0. The saved configuration can then be loaded and sent in ADR manager V1.1
New in this release:

Version - (19 December 2013)

ADR Hex 1.00D
ADR Bootloader 1.08
New in this release: