i2 Pro 18 February 2019
  • Added: i2 API Python example.
  • Added: Drag profile Tools|Run Editor... Delete Run button added.
  • Added: McLaren ATLAS ASCII data importer (Activation required).
  • Added: Option to export a repeated lap for overlay purposes.
  • Added: Auto split a telemetry stream based on a channel condition.
  • Added: Report charts now plot multiple data sources instead of only the main selection.
  • Added: Excel Reports optionally support compact headers.
  • Fixed: Scatter Plot Interval Average rounding error.
  • Fixed: Channel Status Dialog not displaying mapped units correctly.
  • Fixed: Select Colour Scheme from the toolbar selects the default white scheme.
  • Fixed: Entering a duplicate math enumeration value silently fails.
  • Fixed: Entering an incorrect password may result in telemetry security settings being overwritten.
  • Fixed: Corrected speed clamps are always displayed in km/h.
  • Fixed: Overlay channels with different units not handled correctly.
  • Operating systems: Vista or 7, 32 or 64 bit.
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1366 x 768. (Recommended: 1920 x 1080 or higher)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (or higher)
  • i2 Pro only supports ECU & ADL files enabled with the "Pro Logging" option.
  • i2 Pro 1.0 math plugins & functions are not compatible (they must be recompiled and targeted for 1.1).
  • When used to receive telemetry from T2 servers, any active firewalls may need to be updated to allow:
    • Inbound Multicast DNS traffic (IPv6) on UDP port 5353
    • Outbound HTTP traffic on TCP (IPv6)
    • Inbound UDP (IPv6) traffic for i2.exe 01 November 2018
  • Fixed: Scatter Plot doesn't allow data points to be selected that overlap the hidden channel legend.
  • Fixed: Scatter Plot 'Print to Clipboard' incorrectly offsets the interval average trend-line.
  • Fixed: Math dialog updates are slow when the channels dock window is displayed.
  • Fixed: Possible crash on exit.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when receiving telemetry data with maths configured.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when circular channels alias settings are applied.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when using COM single instance application.
  • Fixed: Track Report notes are not being displayed.
  • Fixed: Telemetry channels don't support scaled/offset or filtering via the context-menu. 08 August 2018
  • Added: 2D/3D Math Table definitions can now be visualized.
  • Added: Regression maths.
  • Added: Math constants now support comments.
  • Added: Math expressions can be associated with user defined enumeration types.
  • Added: Data selection settings are restored from previous session.
  • Added: Channel report graph.
  • Added: Track based views now support zoom.
  • Added: Gauges can be optionally associated with a separate alarm ('flash' when active).
  • Added: Acceleration reports copy/paste to Excel now includes all ranges.
  • Added: Excel report generation now supports transposed tables.
  • Added: Excel report generation now supports an option to only auto update when the target workbook is active.
  • Added: Multi-monitor support.
  • Added: Scatter Plot now shows average metric based on x axis bin width.
  • Added: Scatter Plot now supports a draw size based on a channel.
  • Added: User defined folder shortcuts in the File Open dialog.
  • Added: Toolbar button to toggle the Lap Stretch calculation (Circuit Profile only).
  • Added: Toolbar button to select colour schemes (must be enabled from Tools|Options|Colours).
  • Added: Data Window now has a Lap Number filter to help narrow displayed laps in the view (Circuit Profile only).
  • Added: Time/Distance graphs now supports an optional trace style setting for Telemetry based data.
  • Added: Lap Editor GPS beacon selection now enumerates 'Dash Manager Venue Files' (if Dash Manager is installed).
  • Added: Setup Sheet file name details setting (defaults to 'Vehicle Id').
  • Added: Duplicate a worksheet from the context menu.
  • Added: Added Delta statistic (max value - min value) for channel reports.
  • Added: Auto center on cursor mode for time/distance graphs.
  • Added: Basic beacon support for Rally profile.
  • Added: Values window scrolling now queues maths calculations in the background to avoid UI hang.
  • Added: Prompt to save telemetry data (if connected) on exit.
  • Added: Edit Alias names
  • Added: Corrected Speed calculations now allow clamping.
  • Added: Race Control vehicle position and track state visualization.
  • Added: Notes component.
  • Fixed: Google Earth export failing for Engine/Drag workspace profiles.
  • Fixed: Google Earth export doesn't export overlays.
  • Fixed: Applying a scale/offset to a channel caused DPS to revert to 2.
  • Fixed: Mouse wheel zoom not working when telemetry is paused.
  • Fixed: Telemetry lap numbering incorrect after a split or meta data change.
  • Fixed: Invalid date/time after splitting data files across an hour boundary.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when using the math bit_xor() function.
  • Fixed: Channel report scroll offset resets whenever a new lap is selected.
  • Fixed: Channel mappings are not applied to telemetry data.
  • Fixed: Worksheet rename fails for a newly created worksheet.
  • Fixed: UI consistency/improvements.
  • Fixed: Alias binding against invalid math channel should select another channel.
Version 24 August 2017
  • Fixed: Manual beacon marker times change after a save operation.
  • Fixed: Channel report export (to Excel) takes a long time for very large data sets.
Version 11 August 2017
  • Fixed: Reference Lap generation fails on some logged data.
  • Fixed: Range Key View disappears when an active data set is deleted.
  • Fixed: Possible BSOD on Windows 10 when displaying a rotated GPS Track background image.
Version 08 June 2017
  • Added: Lap based Channel Report for all live Telemetry sources.
  • Added: Option to start i2 in Telemetry View mode.
  • Added: Option to smooth GPS based tracks in the Generate Track dialog.
  • Added: Japanese translation (see Help|Language)
  • Added: Bosch ASCII data importer (see File|Import Data)
  • Added: Option to associate an alarm with a status light (that flashes when active).
  • Fixed: GPS track lines are drawn too close to the component edge.
  • Fixed: GPS time alignment button only available when a Time/Distance component is focused. Moved the button to the top (general) toolbar.
  • Fixed: Channel Reports may result in blank cells for start/end of lap values that are invalid. Added a 5 second probe time when searching for valid start/end of lap values.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash on exit after receiving telemetry.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash on exit when a duplicate channel is configured on a Track Report note.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash when auto generating GPS based track sections.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when receiving telemetry from a newer version of t2.
  • Fixed: Track section deletion doesn't always update the UI.
  • Fixed: Editing details from the Run Editor doesn't show custom details.
  • Fixed: Some numeric details don't show up as channels in the maths expression editor.
  • Fixed: Splitter occasionally starts at incorrect size.
  • Fixed: Local file maths may fail to run when multiple files are loaded.
  • Fixed: Applying a scale/offset or filter via the time/distance channel context menu resets the channels DPS to 2.
  • Fixed: Pressing 'w' when the cursor is outside the selected lap doesn't reset the cursor inside the lap.
  • Fixed: Time/Distance graph not rendering large (off-scale) samples correctly.
  • Fixed: Time/Distance graph not rendering correctly after all channels are removed via property pages.
  • Fixed: Time/Distance graph may not restore zoom correctly when toggling between time & distance (F9) modes when corrected distance is missing.
  • Fixed: Rainbow track not displaying colors after GPS locking.
  • Fixed: Control Panel internet proxy settings are not being used.
  • Fixed: Telemetry DDE settings are lost after a split operation.
Version 09 November 2016
  • Added: Double clicking on an .ld file in File Explorer now opens in i2.
  • Added: Math item comments.
  • Added: Track based components can be backgrounded to allow other components to be placed over the top.
  • Added: Data Window toolbar button to apply filter across all open data sources.
  • Added: Acceleration report component.
  • Added: Log File Open now allows paths to be typed in.
  • Added: Hide/Show device events (Shift+E) option in Time/Distance graphs.
  • Added: French translation (seel Help|Language).
  • Added: Clear all overlay selections (Shift+F4).
  • Fixed: Time/Distance graph event markers interfere with main/datum cursor positioning (via the mouse).
  • Fixed: Time/Distance graph channel properties hit-testing on checkbox's causes incorrect row to toggle.
  • Fixed: Incorrect scheme color used in report headings.
  • Fixed: Track section minimum distance reduced to 10m.
  • Fixed: Possible crash calculating math expressions.
  • Fixed: Possible crash generating channel report.
  • Fixed: Possible crash toggling Time/Distance offset axis.
  • Fixed: Possible crash whilst receiving telemetry.
  • Fixed: Possible crash exporting CSV reports that have a % character in channel names.
  • Fixed: Math constant lookup ignores source enable condition.
  • Fixed: Math constant name invalid after copy/paste.
  • Fixed: Math search order for Local Maths.
  • Fixed: Math bit_decode function output not visible in status component.
  • Fixed: Math plugin installation failiure due to permissions.
  • Fixed: Math calculation not updated after the enabled state of a dependent 'Log File Maths' item is toggled.
  • Fixed: Google Maps API key support.
  • Fixed: GPS track generation now adds an extra point to improve start/finish alignment.
  • Fixed: Receiving multiple telemetry "Distance" channels may cause the trackmap cursor to jump.
  • Fixed: Multiple Excel Channel Reports generated on the same sheet don't update correctly.
Version 28 May 2016
  • Added: Math files now support a per datasource detail based "enable" condition.
  • Added: Time/Distance Control+Shift+C copies all configured channel values at the main cursor position.
  • Added: Close All Files allows selective closing of logged/telemetry data files when a combination of file types are open.
  • Added: GPS track width property.
  • Added: Next/Previous interpolation methods for 2D/3D math tables.
  • Added: Apply button added to Beacon Offset dialog.
  • Added: 'Vehicle Number' detail to the Open Log File(s) dialog (as an optional column and quick filter).
  • Added: 'Venue Category' detail to both the Open Log File(s) dialog (as an optional column and quick filter) and Details Editor dialog.
  • Fixed: Unit dropdown clips display text.
  • Fixed: Channel Report Interpolate at boundaries not enabled for all selections.
  • Fixed: Maths file import/export now defaults to <MyDocuments>\MoTeC\i2.
  • Fixed: Editing a math table results in it being moved to the bottom of the list.
  • Fixed: Transient units shown in unit selection combobox.
  • Fixed: Dock window hover time reduced to speed up fly-out action.
  • Fixed: Improved column header up/down editing.
  • Fixed: Workspace Math files are now displayed sorted.
  • Fixed: Local Maths check state was not being set correctly.
  • Fixed: 2D/3D math table editing improvements.
  • Fixed: Transient Math Filters (Temporary Math Source) not always being applied.
  • Fixed: Possible crash on start-up when missing units file.
  • Fixed: Import Data fails due to trailing whitespace.
  • Fixed: Import Data duplicates the short comment detail into the long comment.
  • Fixed: Import Data settings not being saved.
  • Fixed: Import Data unknown unit scan always empty.
  • Fixed: Math constants are still in-use when a math source is disabled.
  • Fixed: TrackVision data file generation.
  • Fixed: Export Data can causes i2 to become unresponsive for large data sets.
Version 22 March 2016
  • Added: 64 bit native application.
    Note: You may need to recompile and deploy math plugins to match the target CPU architecture.
  • Added: Pre-process large LD files and cache results for improved runtime performance.
  • Added: Option to inline the units column in the values window to save horizontal space
    Note: You may need to restart i2 to resize the values window to a smaller size
  • Fixed: Telemetry based report limiting now works when Include untrusted option is unchecked.
  • Fixed: Periodic Excel report generation occasionally fails.
  • Fixed: Time/Distance scrollbar offsets reset after a resize operation.
  • Fixed: GPS Heading indicator for overlays not displayed.
  • Fixed: Telemetry occasionally processes bad packets (due to corrupt header).
  • Fixed: Check for Updates online improvements.
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Fixed: COM "Type Library" registration.
  • Fixed: COM IMtcQueryAPI interop with MATLAB arrays.
  • Fixed: COM ApplicationSingle instance fails when ExportData() is called.
  • Fixed: Setup Sheet Excel files must now have a .xlsm (macro-enabled) extension.
  • Fixed: Data Export source channel options are now only visible when exporting from a Time/Distance graph.
Version 15 September 2015
  • Added: Worksheet Splitters (control + click/drag to split Worksheets).
  • Added: User defined Data Sets (Data|Edit Data Sets...)
  • Added: Telemetry Status Grid component (provides a channel status light per configured Telemetry Source).
  • Added: Telemetry Track Position component now uses Vehicle Number detail to distinguish cursors.
  • Added: Telemetry GPS Track component now uses Vehicle Number detail to distinguish cursors.
  • Added: Telemetry View mode that inlines the data key into each worksheet (View|Toggle Telemetry View).
  • Added: Workspace Save As...
  • Added: Driver detail can now be updated when splitting an LD file.
  • Added: Ability to turn off an entire maths source.
  • Added: Ability to turn off individual alias items.
  • Added: M1 diagnostic channels can now appear in the time/dist error view.
  • Added: Ctrl+Click multi-select component move/resize.
  • Added: Device Type and Serial Number database filters in file open dialog.
  • Added: Channel report option to limit results to last 'n' Laps (when reporting on real-time Telemetry).
  • Added: Status Light gauge now supports dynamic font scaling.
  • Fixed: M8 beacon support.
  • Fixed: Alarm Jump To feature now works when Telemetry is paused.
  • Fixed: Alarm view missing from non circuit profiles.
  • Fixed: Telemetry dialog server status doesn't update when a servers meta data has changed.
  • Fixed: Telemetry dialog server display is now sorted.
  • Fixed: Avoid main lap selection change when a Telemetry servers meta data has changed.
  • Fixed: Track section edit incorrect when distance units changed.
  • Fixed: Show Video Sync Points option is now per time/dist graph (removed from Tools|Options|Video).
  • Fixed: Manually inserted beacons not correctly exported when splitting data files.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when editing a channel filter from the Time/Distance graph.
  • Fixed: Telemetry source occasionally close after receiving invalid telemetry data.
  • Fixed: Telemetry group not always displayed at the top of the Data window.
  • Fixed: Telemetry trackmap legend visibility mismatch with property setting.
  • Fixed: Empty string details not being read in from LDX.
  • Fixed: Show Overlays option in video component is always disabled.
  • Fixed: New Folder... shell context menu option in the Open Log File dialog doesn't do anything.
  • Fixed: Possible corruption of XML files when saving.
  • Fixed: Annotations not displayed when main range is offset.
  • Fixed: Datum cursor does not work when Telemetry is paused.
  • Fixed: Maths integer division (rational number) don't promote to floating point.
    (Note: You can now use the int() function to explicitly return an integer result).
Version 04 June 2015
  • Added: Ability to export a Workspace as an archive.
  • Added: Telemetry security dialog is now resizable.
  • Added: Telemetry sources are now displayed in compact form (car number and driver).
  • Added: Rankine unit (TT#3788).
  • Fixed: Possible hang/crash on exit.
  • Fixed: Search for the latest installed version of M1 Tune when retrieving logged data or viewing ECU config.
  • Fixed: Memory leak when track files have been renamed.
  • Fixed: Clear math/telemetry data cache on exit.
  • Fixed: Failed to load LD files with size greater than 2GB containing video sync information.
  • Fixed: Possible memory leaks whilst reconnecting Telemetry inputs.
  • Fixed: Auto loading from user specified folder not working.
  • Fixed: Load/Save telemetry credentials is not consistent with t2 Server behaviour.
  • Fixed: Slow values window redraw when clicking Ok from Properties dialog.
  • Fixed: Data Key telemetry selection rendering is not consistent with the Data Window.
  • Fixed: Time/Distance graph flickers when toggling a Telemetry source between Time/Distance mode.
  • Fixed: Main selection occasionally jumps to a previous selection when a Telemetry source receives a beacon.
  • Fixed: Unit mappings not loading during data import (TT#3795).
  • Fixed: Incorrectly formatted error message in maths dialog (TT#3810).
  • Fixed: Using an integer math constant in a function call results in a syntax error (TT#3816).
  • Fixed: Manually inserted beacons not correctly exported in LDX file (TT#3825).
  • Fixed: Channels window tree expand/collapse state not maintained across a data source selection change (TT#3797).
  • Fixed: Zero phase math filters regression.
  • Fixed: Telemetry may stop updating after a device power cycle causes a radio reset.
  • Fixed: Excel reports now accept *.xlsx in the browse dialog.
  • Fixed: Channel unit overrides not being applied correctly for some channels.
  • Fixed: Report Properties uncheck item toggles wrong item.
  • Fixed: Video Database is incorrectly initialised from last Video search folder.
  • Fixed: Telemetry setup should not be visible under Windows XP.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when receiving multiple telemetry streams.
  • Fixed: Possible hang when track distance calculation results in infinity.
  • Fixed: Data window overlay select/deselect not always taking effect (for telemetry streams).
  • Fixed: Possible crash when enumerating COM containers.
  • Fixed: Reduce CPU usage during Animation setting was not being saved.
  • Fixed: Avoid main selection being forced into view for Telemetry items.
  • Fixed: Print worksheet doesn't use full page extent.
  • Fixed: Crash when an in-use math constant is deleted (TT#3792).
  • Fixed: Crash when adding an empty channel list component(TT#3785).
  • Fixed: Crash when using bit_decode() math function (TT#3784).
  • Fixed: GPS track map background offset when using Google maps (TT#3782).
  • Fixed: Prompt for folder when Downloading a software update (TT#3793).
  • Fixed: Not always reconnecting when T2 input stream is lost
Version 15 December 2014
  • Fixed: LD files marked with the temporary 'T' attribute are not visible in the Open Dialog (TT#3725).
  • Fixed: Math constants defined in LDX files not found when evaluating expressions (TT#3747).
  • Fixed: Corrected Speed & Distance settings not saved correctly for the Drag profile (TT#3748).
Version 27 November 2014
  • Fixed: Crash reading an incorrectly formatted LDX file.
  • Fixed: variance_time/variance_dist math functions don't work with multiple overlay data selections.
  • Fixed: Maintain data selections for live telemetry when upstream config changes.
  • Fixed: Telemetry track selection not showing all available tracks.
  • Fixed: Database indexing not correctly processing some files.
  • Fixed: Check for software updates using incorrect product identifier.
  • Fixed: Reinstate fastest/total laps columns in Open Log File dialog.
Version 13 November 2014
  • New: Added support for the C127/C187 Dash
  • Fixed: Using the GPS 'Lap Generator' results in no change
  • Fixed: Time/Distance Offset axis disappears when dragging thru zero point (TT#3728)
  • Fixed: Google Earth export loss of precision (TT#3734)
  • Fixed: Math function migration is case sensitive (TT#3735)
  • Fixed: Crash after migration of workspaces from 1.0 (TT#3736)
  • Fixed: Racepak CSV importer (TT#3740)
  • Fixed: Corrected Distance not calculated if logged speed channel selected (TT#3741)
  • Fixed: 2D/3D math table migration losing color/dps settings
Version 28 October 2014
  • New: User defined worksheet key-bindings
  • New: Added WebView component (telemetry only)
  • New: Added Picture component
  • New: Check for Software Updates capability
  • New: Improved memory management (large log files)
  • New: Improved maths performance (multi-core)
  • New: Improved rendering performance (multi-core)
  • New: Real-time maths capability
  • New: Real-time telemetry display capability (requires T2 Server)
  • New: Reports can be configured to exclude overlays
  • New: Tools|General|Search option to use a loose name match when searching for channels (TT 3548)
  • New: Zoom support for Scatter Plots (TT 3096, 3540, 3636)
  • New: Indexing of LD files (into a database) for faster searching in the 'File Open' dialog
  • New: Tooltips for long comment in data windows (TT 3642, 3649)
  • New: Added running min/max math functions (TT 3402)
  • New: Multiselect operation when configuring channel reports (TT 3148)
  • New: added workspace option to control maths precision: single - requires less memory, double - requires more memory
  • New: added previous_sample(..) maths function for point evaluator
  • New: added Public/Private key based decryption of T2 Telemetry data
  • Fixed: Long channel names (>32 characters) truncated when LD file loaded (TT#3727)
  • Fixed: M800 ECU Error Group 16 bit channels updated
  • Fixed: Inserting a channel via double click overwrites parenthesis in math expression dialog (TT 3701)
  • Fixed: ECU Error Group channels not displayed correctly (TT 3702)
  • Fixed: ECU Error Group channels not exporting with correct names (TT 3703)
  • Fixed: Cut/Paste of maths channel results in a different name (TT 3710)
  • Fixed: Math constants from other groups are not resolved (TT 3711)
  • Fixed: Use logical (case insensitive) sort in channel list
  • Fixed: Channel report 'statistic' order would change after lap inserted (TT3715)
  • Fixed: Locale with custom decimal separator not working (TT3719)
  • Fixed: Crash on Windows 8 when opening the Homegroup folder (TT 3687)
  • Fixed: Improved FFT calculations (closer correlation with MATLAB)
  • Fixed: Missing context menu on color legend for histo/scatter
  • Fixed: Command line to open workspace (-w <workspace>) and log file (-l <logfile>)
  • Fixed: Copy/Paste of maths constants (TT 3691)
  • Fixed: Math dependencies not updating when math channel shadows a logged channel
  • Fixed: Imported i2 1.0 math no longer need to force an explicit boolean expression for choose function
  • Fixed: COM Automation now allows encoded Beacon to be exported
  • Fixed: Setup Sheet processing sometimes results in stale values until file is saved
  • Fixed: Improve file detail visibility in File Open dialog
  • Fixed: CSV import/export laps (TT 3665)
  • Fixed: Text edit fails to process decimal after a locale change (TT 3669)
  • Fixed: Gauges hold last telemetry real-time value (TT 3672)
  • Fixed: Cannot datum link based on distance (TT 3650)
  • Fixed: stat_ functions don't work on live data (TT 3400, 3593)
  • Fixed: DDE output name resets every time a new config is uploaded (TT 3424)
  • Fixed: range_change math function doesn't work for live data (TT 3592)
  • Fixed: Tables don't work for live data (TT 3594)
  • Fixed: Drag Workspace - 1 second margin not visible (TT 3596)
  • Fixed: Lap times now visible in 'Open File' database/explorer views (TT 3604, 3658)
  • Fixed: File names now visible in 'Open File' database/explorer views (TT 3605)
  • Fixed: Sort order arrows incorrect in 'Open File' (TT 3607)
  • Fixed: Opening multiple log files not working correctly (TT 3609, 3643)
  • Fixed: No visual cue to exit full screen mode (TT 3610)
  • Fixed: i2 crash when toggling overlays in scatter plot (TT 3612)
  • Fixed: CSV import not working for some files (TT 3616)
  • Fixed: Can't generate trackmap with telemetry data (TT 3647)
  • Fixed: Reduce minimum status light size (TT 3648)
  • Fixed: A deleted .ldx file doesn't update the LD database correctly
  • Fixed: Setup Sheet details don't match when .xlsx or .xlsm files exist
  • Fixed: Custom .ldx file details are missing after migration (TT 3585)
  • Fixed: Venue/Driver/Session text clipped in Data window (TT 3580)
  • Fixed: Workbooks dropdown needs extra width (TT 3581)
  • Fixed: Import fails when converting txt, csv data sets
  • Fixed: Overlay alignment sometimes incorrect after beacon transition in distance mode
  • Fixed: Treat underscore as a valid word separator when searching (TT 3571)
  • Fixed: Lap Anchored Telemetry Mode displays more than track length in distance mode
  • Fixed: Distance mode not working correctly when Corrected Speed G Correction enabled
  • Fixed: File Open Driver/Vehicle/Venue filters don't take effect
  • General bug fixes
  • Cosmetic user interface improvements
Version 28 October 2014
  • Fixed: Long channel names (>32 characters) truncated when LD file loaded (TT#3727)
  • Fixed: M800 ECU Error Group 16 bit channels updated
Version 06 October 2014
  • Fixed: LDX detail loading should be case insensitive
Version 05 September 2014
  • Fixed: COM Automation now allows encoded Beacon to be exported
  • Fixed: Setup Sheet processing sometimes results in stale values until file is saved
Version 20 June 2014
  • New: "power" math function now supports a channel based exponent
  • Improved RacePak ASCII importer support
  • Fixed: Query API request fails if i2API activation has expired
  • Fixed: Crash when applying a time_shift to a math channel
Version 2 August 2013
  • New: Allowed Drag, Engine profile to export to Google Earth (TT 3312)
  • New: Added suspension histogram component to Drag profile (TT 3313)
  • New: Added version information to the title (TT 3319)
  • New: Allowed Time Format to be changed in Channel Report (TT 3322)
  • New: Added "pulse_width" math function
  • New: Added support for importing alternate Pi CSV log file formats
  • New: Added support for importing CSV log files without a details section (TT 3094)
  • Fixed: Math Constants always show up red (TT 3174)
  • Fixed: GPS corrections fail if GPS Latitude or Longitude don't exist (TT 3217)
  • Fixed: Corrected Distance calculated from Lap Distance channel fails (TT 3254)
  • Fixed: Crash when opening certain log files (TT 3255)
  • Fixed: M800 Error/Status group definitions (TT 3291)
  • Fixed: Project corrupted after hibernation (TT 3305)
  • Fixed: Math Constants cannot be resolved (TT 3306)
  • Improved i2 API performance (TT 3309)
  • Fixed: i2 API license failure (TT 3310)
  • Fixed: Google Maps URL retrieve failure (TT 3311)
  • Fixed: Histogram scaling incorrect when gating is enabled (TT 3318)
  • Fixed: HD-VCS video sync
  • Fixed: Lap stretch may fail if Beacon offset is applied (TT 3365)
Version 31 August 2012
  • Added: Recall state of single color for main option when loading previous data with project (TT 2874)
  • Added atan2 maths function (TT 3097)
  • Improved performance of channel report builds
  • Added support for exporting channel reports to Microsoft Excel (TT 2150, 3010, 3012)
  • Channel reports now display multiple outings in date/time order (TT 3014)
  • Scatter plot option to force trend equations to go through zero (TT 2579, 2908)
  • Allow editing of maths expressions without having data loaded (TT 2936)
  • Channel reports now support zoom linked ranges (TT 2873)
  • i2API: Allow data retrieval at specified rate (may differ from the logged rate) (TT 2789)
  • i2API: Added support for data retrieval within a specified range
  • i2API: Added support for exporting of CSV files (TT 2659)
  • Added integrate_dist() math function (integration over distance channel) (TT 3011)
  • Show heading arrows on GPS track (TT 2584)
  • Added support for selecting and editing multiple channels in channel editor
  • Prevent in/out laps from being identified as fastest laps if no trusted laps exist (TT 2485)
  • Include alias channels in exports (TT 3057)
  • Added Google Maps support for GPS track background (TT 2583)
  • Scatter plot option to specify the number of significant digits shown in a trend line equation (TT 2866)
  • Scatter plot allow trend equation to be copied to the clipboard (TT 2550)
  • Allow global maths constants to be referenced from other math groups (TT 2933)
  • Show the current path in the open log file screen, and allow the path to be copied to the clipboard (TT 3026)
  • Added M1 start/stop device events
  • Added support for invalidating of GPS speed channel according to status channel (TT 1668)
  • Added: Zeroing of GPS speed channels and invalidating selected channels (TT 1669)
  • Change default track map generation type (TT 3048)
  • Allow comments in math expressions (TT 3027)
  • Added find/replace utility for replacing channel names in open projects
  • Support for new M1 channel naming conventions
  • Added explanatory text in 'Find and Replace' utility (TT 3171)
  • Fixed: Exporting a log file can truncate channel names to 32 characters (TT 3189)
  • Fixed: Bit channels may be excluded from export/split (TT 2919, 2967)
  • Fixed: Avoid loading of duplicate bit channels
  • Fixed: Standard deviation figures in channel reports can be incorrect when display units are different to base units
  • Fixed: Channel reports results may appear incorrectly
  • Fixed: Manual time markers and video sync points not exported correctly (TT 2804, 3087)
  • Fixed: Overlayed data is not always displayed in scatter plot (TT 3085)
  • Fixed: Track maps generated from tracks with a high number of reference points won't open in Telemetry Monitor (TT 1577, 2501)
  • Fixed: Toolbar doesn't fit with default application size (TT 2993)
  • Fixed: Time reports don't update with a beacon offset (TT 2549)
  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts don't work in numerical edit controls (TT 2997)
  • Fixed: Corrected file size sort order in open log file screen (TT 2959)
  • Fixed: On/Off channels used as the result of an advanced maths expression do not function correctly (TT 2775)
  • Fixed: Reference laps can be created with the wrong lap distance (TT 2335)
  • Fixed: Splitting a log file does not check if file names already exist (TT 2168)
  • Fixed: Pasting a component from the clipboard ignores distance mode setting (TT 2438)
  • Fixed: Auto-complete doesn't show correctly in maths expression editor
  • Fixed: i2 doesn't import csv file with single channel (TT 3186)
  • Fixed: i2 API crashes (TT 3187)
Version 02 May 2012
  • Fixed intermittent crash that can occur when using a scatter plot and zooming full out (TT 3018)
  • Fixed intermittent crash that can occur when using overlays
  • Fixed crash that can occur after viewing reports
  • Improved dock window color and contrast
  • Added automatic lap generation using GPS data for multiple log files (TT 2853)
  • Fixed: Background-processing of certain videos may cause a crash
  • Fixed: Incorrectly registering i2 Pro interfaces as part of the i2 Standard type library (TT 2734)
  • Added: Automatically load log files when placed in a user-specified folder (TT 2932)
  • Double-clicking on the data key now brings up the color edit dialog instead of the color scheme page of the main options dialog (TT 2941)
  • Previous lap selections are recalled when "load previous data with project" is selected (TT 2939)
  • Fixed: User interface may freeze during a log unload (TT 2486)
  • Fixed: Logs not opening in i2 after a log unload after the logging directory has changed
  • Cosmetic improvements made to log unload and view config splash screens
  • Added overlay min/max/avg statistics to the time/dist graph (including hover highlight support) (TT 2943)
  • Changing datum (from a Time/Distance graph) causes all "linked" components to update (TT 2940)
  • Added datum cursor (read-only) to the scatter plot
  • Added scientific notation support to script (TT 2934)
  • Improved docking system on Windows XP (TT 2938)
  • Add margin and remove client edge for channels dock window
  • Allow unpinned dock window to be clicked to open/close
  • Fixed: View device config not working with SDL3 Manager (TT 2830, 2915)
  • Added support for CDL3
  • Added MoTeC CSV data converter for AiM import (TT 2960)
  • Prevent blank license request (TT 2935)
  • Exclude zero lat/long samples when drawing gps track maps or exporting to google earth (TT 2898)
  • Added angle% unit so that channels (like Throttle Position) map correctly to a % unit (TT 1844)
Version 10 August 2011
  • Added: Extend zoom selection (Shift+Click within the zoom summary bar)  (TT 2847)
  • Added: Save/Restore zoom selection across outing selections (TT 2849)
  • Added "Print to Clipboard" support (TT 2850)
  • Added "Select all fast laps" hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+F (Defect 2851)
  • Fixed: GPS beacon insert shows in-correct lap times (TT 2857)
  • Fixed: "Reference Lap" export folder now Windows 7 compliant  (TT 2860)
  • Fixed: Numeric details being rounded after reopening the log file (TT 2891)
  • Fixed: Google Earth files not displaying coordinates correctly (TT 2337)
  • Fixed: Alias channel colours vary across outings (TT 2665)
  • Fixed: "Edit Details" icon state incorrectly shown (TT 2754)
  • Fixed: Track Maps generated using GPS sometimes cause Time Report summary inconsistency (TT 2806)
  • Improved: "XY Plot" calculation and rendering times (TT 2839)
  • Improved: "Add Video File" dialog maintains last folder, supports .mp4 extension (TT 2777, 2801)
Version 19 May 2011
  • Fixed: Video synchronisation not working when multiple copies of the same video exist
  • Fixed: Unable to view ACL device configuration unless a dash manager is installed (TT 1826)
  • Added "Corrected GPS..." Tool menu item to all project types (TT 2348)
  • Fixed: GPS speed channel becomes incorrect if you overlay GPS file with non GPS file (TT 2818)
  • Improved feedback when a video cannot be played due to codec incompatibility (TT 2819)
  • Added ability to add/remove/edit custom details (TT 2755)
  • Added multi-select operations to the maths dialog (TT 2766)
  • Added GPS time alignment mode (TT 2767)
  • Added Units for Curvature (TT 2802)
  • Fixed: Channel Report doesn't update when Setup Sheet changed (TT 2573)
  • Allow Math Plugins to generate channels with existing names (TT 2759)
    (Note: To use this feature, your math plugin must support the new IMtcMathPluginExt1 interface)
  • Added variance_dist(x) math function for calculating distance based variance of any channel (TT 2762)
    (Note : Variance data is only sensible within the main selection)
  • Added a Time based Colour graph (TT 2764)
  • i2API: Allow separate (single connect) i2 sessions (TT 2779)
  • i2API: Don't update Project MRU on exit (TT 2790)
  • i2API: CreateDataArray can calculate one sample short (TT 2791)
  • Added option to display video synchronisation points in time/distance graphs
  • Fixed issue with projects failing to load after GPS latitude/longitude channels are modified (TT 2737)
  • Added: Device event annotations
  • Improved: Logging decoder now only splits files when log setups differ. It adds device events for firmware start and power cycles
  • Fixed: Video files associated with log files more than once
  • Added: Automatic video synchronisation support for videos created with MoTeC VCS (TT 2430)
  • Added: M84 ECU Support
  • Added ASF media files to list of supported media file types (TT 2016)
  • Improved feedback during background operations (TT 2023)
  • Improved feedback for automatic video synchronisation operations (TT 2022)
  • Video search folders are now are searched recursively (TT 2024)
  • Fixed: Conversion wizard crash (TT 2709)
  • Added: i2 API support for exporting of MATLAB files (TT 2659)
  • Fixed: i2 API issue with creating a data source if time/distance graph is in distance mode (TT 2649)
  • Improved: i2 API rules for providing sample data are now less strict (TT 2658)
Version 28 September 2010
  • Improved: Networked setup sheets (TT 1358)
  • Improved: Improve background colors for GPS Track (TT 1613)
  • Fixed: i2 GPS Corrections does not remove duplicate samples (TT 1661)
  • Improved: Setup sheet compatibility in Excel 2007 (TT 1892)
  • Improved: Auto beacon on GPS position in i2 (TT 1986)
    • Go to "Tools | Lap Editor", click "by GPS ..." button in the "Auto Insert" group.
    • Latitude and Longitude of current cursor position is auto selected.
  • Improved: Reset Dock Windows (TT 2147)
  • Fixed: Random Lap ordering in channel report (TT 2213)
  • Improved: Ability to create folders in open menu of i2 (TT 2346)
  • Fixed: Old FFT plots won't zoom link (TT 2539)
  • Fixed: FFT y-axis label always shows auto scaled values (TT 2541)
  • Fixed: Lap marker chart zoom level continuously updates with cursor (TT 2542)
  • Fixed: i2 math is now case sensitive, wasn't before (TT 2555)
  • Improved: Ability to add Beacons via the API (TT 2602)
  • Improved: Device reset creates a single partial lap (TT 2605)
  • Added: Support displaying long channel names and enumerated values
  • "Cancel" option for calculating FFT plot data (TT 1654)
  • Automatically update start lap number (TT 2349)
  • Cursor does not identify when dragging channels onto graphs(TT 2365)
  • Vista does not display all of units in math editor (TT 2366)
  • Logged ECU Error/Statuses groups not extracted or incorrect in exported files (TT 2397)
  • SDL3 view device config doesn't work (TT 2420)
  • i2 freezes when a split is missing on a Time Report of split times (TT 2436)
  • Integer overflow when exporting data (TT 2461)
  • Log files are opening up with lap 0 as first flying lap instead of lap 1 (TT 2467)
  • Single click or key shortcut to maximise component (TT 2499)
  • Venue name has character length limitation in i2 but not dash manager (TT 2507)
  • Added: Ability to take two log files, offset one from the other and then combine the channels into a single (exported) log file
  • Fixed: Error / Status Channels would not display. (TT 2396)
  • Fixed: i2 would not show status/error channels (TT 2364)
  • Improved: Remove a unit override on a channel if it cannot be applied to all open files in a project
  • Added: Help Topics about each Data Importer in the i2 Pro File Conversion Wizard
  • Added: File Conversion Wizard sample input files (C:\Program Files\MoTeC\i2\1.0\Samples\ConversionSamples)
  • New Activatable Feature
    • Import from RacePak ASCII Dataset
      Allow the File Conversion Wizard in i2 Pro to convert from RacePak ASCII DataSet files to MoTeC Pro log files. (TT 1799)
  • New Activatable Feature
    • Import from EFI ASCII Dataset
      Allow the File Conversion Wizard in i2 Pro to convert from EFI ASCII DataSet files to MoTeC Pro log files.
  • Improved: Export data now allows export of specific maths channels without needing to export all channels (TT 1656, 1967)
  • Fixed: Copy of a scatter plot now maintains manual scaling (TT 1648)
  • Improved: Data window now sorts the file order according to the file details (TT 1849)
  • Fixed: reference lap creation no longer removes leading zeroes (TT 1884)
  • Fixed: Venue length no longer rounds to 0dps for lengths in Miles (TT 1906)
  • Improved: Search now finds characters within brackets (TT2079)
  • Improved: Annotations now more visible. (TT 2207)
  • Fixed: GPS Lat and Long value export (TT 2279)
  • Fixed: Copy and paste from open file dialogue (TT 2284)
  • Improved: split of exported files now only exports real channels (TT 2327)
  • Added: VB.net sample file for i2 API (C:\Program Files\MoTeC\i2\1.0\Samples\i2API\VB.NET)
Version 25 September 2009
  • The MoTeC Activation System allows certain features in i2 Pro to be enabled through the use of an Activation File.
  • Customers can purchase an Activation File through the MoTeC Dealer Network.
  • An Activation File allows particular features to operate for an amount of time, typically one year.
  • i2 will give the user notification before any feature expires.
  • An Activation will only operate on one physical computer.
  • New Activatable Features
    • Open MoTeC Standard Log Files in i2 Pro
      Allows i2 Pro to open Standard Log Files, which are files that were created on hardware without the Pro Analysis upgrade.
    • Import from Pi ASCII Dataset
      Allow the File Conversion Wizard in i2 Pro to convert from Pi Toolbox Versioned ASCII DataSet Version 2 files to MoTeC Pro log files.
    • i2 API - i2 Application Programming Interface - requires i2 API Feature Licence
      The i2 API is a software object that allows you to access and manipulate i2 and Log File data from tools including Excel, Matlab, VB, C#, etc.
      • Load any kind of MoTeC Log File (.ld file).
      • Read Log File data including channels, ranges/laps/beacons and details.
      • Create new Log Files and channels.
      • Export Pro Log Files.
      • The i2 API can be used from any language that supports COM technology.
      • Please refer to the sample file for details of how the API is used.
      • To use this feature, purchase an i2 API Feature Licence from your MoTeC dealer.
  • Ignored Beacons
    • i2 is now aware of beacons that are logged within the Beacon Ignore Time. They are displayed as Ignored Beacons and laps are not generated from them. (TT 1507)
    • Please upgrade your Manager Software to the latest version to enable this feature.
  • Added: User Adjustment of Videos Automatically Aligned with a VSM. (TT 2026)
  • Improved: Video Playback though the use of high quality codec. (TT 2020)
  • Fixed: i2 problem filtering alias channels (TT 1498)
  • Fixed: Filter of channel causing data offset in i2 (TT 1664)
  • Fixed: Channel Report bug with logged channels from 32 bit advanced math (TT 1885)
  • Fixed: Sort order when sort by sample rate in the channel editor is used (TT 1893)
  • Fixed: 32 bit condition channels get displayed as N/A (TT 1943)
  • Added: Switch for channel report to ignore interpolated data in i2 (TT 1905)
  • Added: GetValue(t) function to Maths Plugins and i2 API. Obtains a channel value interpolated at time t.
  • Fixed: File open dialog has a long delay when displaying a folder containing many large log files (TT 2247)
  • Fixed: i2 crash on open log file (TT 1690)
  • Fixed: i2 crashes when exporting a Channel Report.
  • Fixed: Downloading device from "i2" doesn't load data afterwards.
  • Fixed: i2 doesn't create telemetry track maps if the directory hasn't been created.
  • Added: Ability to take derivative of a channel WRT another channel.
  • Fixed: i2 downloads from ADL3 instead of ADL2 when selected. (TT 1875)
  • Fixed: Get log data from i2, selecting ADL2 opens ADL3 manager. (TT 1995)
  • Fixed: Fastest Lap time is updated consistently and shows up in the file open screen correctly. (TT 1762)
  • Fixed: Trusted Laps settings are saved. (TT 1765)
  • Fixed: File > Get Logged Data caused crash if wrong device is selected.
  • Improved: i2 now notifies the user when it runs out of memory allocating a channel and write a note in the View | Messages window.