i2 Standard (x64) 10 February 2021
  • Added: Channel Bits component.
  • Added: Channel alias import/export.
  • Added: UTC Time channel conversion from GPS date/time and corresponding Clock Gauge for display.
  • Fixed: Modal dialog sometimes appear on wrong monitor.
  • Fixed: Channel Editor dialog sometimes crashes on close.
  • Fixed: Scatter Plot component copy/paste sometimes results in a crash.
  • Fixed: Mixture Map component properties dialog is too large for small screens
  • Fixed: Time Report shows too many decimal places for seconds. Now limits to 3.
  • Fixed: Reference lap generation sometimes fails.
  • Fixed: Channel Report ctrl+left click results in unexpected resize behaviour.
  • Fixed: Channel Report graph occasionally renders grid incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Channel Report graph labels Y axis incorrectly.
  • Operating systems: Windows 7 or later (Windows 8, Windows 10)
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1366 x 768. (Recommended: 1920 x 1080 or higher)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (or higher) 18 February 2019
  • Added: Drag profile Tools|Run Editor... Delete Run button added.
  • Added: Report charts now plot multiple data sources instead of only the main selection.
  • Fixed: Channel Status Dialog not displaying mapped units correctly.
  • Fixed: Corrected speed clamps are always displayed in km/h.
  • Fixed: Corrected Speed/GPS settings not saved.
  • Fixed: Overlay channels with different units not handled correctly.
  • Fixed: A docked Track Map window cannot be floated. 01 November 2018
  • Fixed: Scatter Plot doesn't allow data points to be selected that overlap the hidden channel legend.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when circular channels alias settings are applied.
  • Fixed: Track Report notes are not being displayed. 08 August 2018
  • Added: Channel report graph.
  • Added: Track based views now support zoom.
  • Added: Track Position component.
  • Added: Floating track view with optional transparency ('t' key toggle).
  • Added: Acceleration reports copy/paste to Excel now includes all ranges.
  • Added: User defined folder shortcuts in the File Open dialog.
  • Added: Toolbar button to toggle the Lap Stretch calculation (Circuit Profile only).
  • Added: Data Window now has a Lap Number filter to help narrow displayed laps in the view (Circuit Profile only).
  • Added: Lap Editor GPS beacon selection now enumerates 'Dash Manager Venue Files' (if Dash Manager is installed).
  • Added: Added Delta statistic (max value - min value) for channel reports.
  • Added: Values window scrolling now queues maths calculations in the background to avoid UI hang.
  • Added: Edit Alias names
  • Added: Corrected Speed calculations now allow clamping.
  • Added: Additional channels (up to 20) can now be placed on a Time/Distance component.
  • Fixed: Google Earth export failing for Engine/Drag workspace profiles.
  • Fixed: Applying a scale/offset to a channel caused DPS to revert to 2.
  • Fixed: Invalid date/time after splitting data files across an hour boundary.
  • Fixed: Channel report scroll offset resets whenever a new lap is selected.
  • Fixed: Worksheet rename fails for a newly created worksheet.
  • Fixed: UI consistency/improvements.
  • Fixed: Alias binding against invalid math channel should select another channel.
Version 25 August 2017
  • Fixed: Manual beacon marker times change after a save operation.
Version 11 August 2017
  • Fixed: Reference Lap generation fails on some logged data.
  • Fixed: Possible BSOD on Windows 10 when displaying a rotated GPS Track background image.
Version 09 June 2017
  • Added: Option to smooth GPS based tracks in the Generate Track dialog.
  • Added: Japanese translation (see Help|Language)
  • Fixed: GPS track lines are drawn too close to the component edge.
  • Fixed: GPS time alignment button only available when a Time/Distance component is focused. Moved the button to the top (general) toolbar.
  • Fixed: Channel Reports may result in blank cells for start/end of lap values that are invalid. Added a 5 second probe time when searching for valid start/end of lap values.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash when auto generating GPS based track sections.
  • Fixed: Track section deletion doesn't always update the UI.
  • Fixed: Editing details from the Run Editor doesn't show custom details.
  • Fixed: Some numeric details don't show up as channels in the maths expression editor.
  • Fixed: Splitter occasionally starts at incorrect size.
  • Fixed: Enumerations missing from exported M1 logged data.
  • Fixed: Local file maths may fail to run when multiple files are loaded.
  • Fixed: Applying a scale/offset or filter via the time/distance channel context menu resets the channels DPS to 2.
  • Fixed: Pressing 'w' when the cursor is outside the selected lap doesn't reset the cursor inside the lap.
  • Fixed: Time/Distance graph not rendering large (off-scale) samples correctly.
  • Fixed: Time/Distance graph not rendering correctly after all channels are removed via property pages.
  • Fixed: Time/Distance graph may not restore zoom correctly when toggling between time & distance (F9) modes when corrected distance is missing.
  • Fixed: Rainbow track not displaying colors after GPS locking.
  • Fixed: Control Panel internet proxy settings are not being used.
Version 09 November 2016
  • Added: Double clicking on an .ld file in File Explorer now opens in i2.
  • Added: Acceleration report component.
  • Added: Log File Open now allows paths to be typed in.
  • Added: Hide/Show device events (Shift+E) option in Time/Distance graphs.
  • Added: French translation (seel Help|Language).
  • Added: Clear all overlay selections (Shift+F4).
  • Fixed: Time/Distance graph event markers interfere with main/datum cursor positioning (via the mouse).
  • Fixed: Time/Distance graph channel properties hit-testing on checkbox's causes incorrect row to toggle.
  • Fixed: Incorrect scheme color used in report headings.
  • Fixed: Track section minimum distance reduced to 10m.
  • Fixed: Possible crash calculating math expressions.
  • Fixed: Possible crash generating channel report.
  • Fixed: Possible crash toggling Time/Distance offset axis.
  • Fixed: Possible crash exporting CSV reports that have a % character in channel names.
  • Fixed: Google Maps API key support.
Version 28 May 2016
  • Added: Time/Distance Control+Shift+C copies all configured channel values at the main cursor position.
  • Added: GPS track width property.
  • Added: Apply button added to Beacon Offset dialog.
  • Added: 'Vehicle Number' detail to the Open Log File(s) dialog (as an optional column and quick filter).
  • Added: 'Venue Category' detail to both the Open Log File(s) dialog (as an optional column and quick filter) and Details Editor dialog.
  • Fixed: Unit dropdown clips display text.
  • Fixed: Units file fails to install.
  • Fixed: Channel Report Interpolate at boundaries not enabled for all selections.
  • Fixed: Transient units shown in unit selection combobox.
  • Fixed: Dock window hover time reduced to speed up fly-out action.
  • Fixed: Improved column header up/down editing.
  • Fixed: Local Maths check state was not being set correctly.
  • Fixed: Transient Math Filters (Temporary Math Source) not always being applied.
  • Fixed: Possible crash on start-up when missing units file.
  • Fixed: Export Data can causes i2 to become unresponsive for large data sets.
Version 22 March 2016
  • Added: 64 bit native application.
  • Added: Option to inline the units column in the values window to save horizontal space
    Note: You may need to restart i2 to resize the values window to a smaller size
  • Fixed: Time/Distance scrollbar offsets reset after a resize operation.
  • Fixed: GPS Heading indicator for overlays not displayed.
  • Fixed: Check for Updates online improvements.
  • Fixed: Allow video visibility for overlay selection to be toggled on/off independently of overall overlay visibility.
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Fixed: COM "Type Library" registration.
  • Fixed: Data Export source channel options are now only visible when exporting from a Time/Distance graph.
Version 04 November 2015
  • Added: Driver detail can now be updated when splitting an LD file.
  • Added: Ability to turn off an entire maths source.
  • Added: Ability to turn off individual alias items.
  • Added: M1 diagnostic channels can now appear in the time/dist error view.
  • Added: Ctrl+Click multi-select component move/resize.
  • Added: Device Type and Serial Number database filters in file open dialog.
  • Added: Status Light gauge now supports dynamic font scaling.
  • Fixed: M8 beacon support.
  • Fixed: Track section edit incorrect when distance units changed.
  • Fixed: Show Video Sync Points option is now per time/dist graph (removed from Tools|Options|Video).
  • Fixed: Manually inserted beacons not correctly exported when splitting data files.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when editing a channel filter from the Time/Distance graph.
  • Fixed: Empty string details not being read in from LDX.
  • Fixed: New Folder... shell context menu option in the Open Log File dialog doesn't do anything.
  • Fixed: Possible corruption of XML files when saving.
  • Fixed: Channel report range end calculation short one sample.
  • Fixed: Annotations not displayed when main range is offset.
  • Fixed: Maths integer division (rational number) don't promote to floating point.
Version 04 June 2015
  • Added: Ability to create/load custom Workspace templates.
  • Added: Rankine unit (TT#3788).
  • Fixed: Possible hang/crash on exit.
  • Fixed: Search for the latest installed version of M1 Tune when retrieving logged data or viewing ECU config.
  • Fixed: Memory leak when track files have been renamed.
  • Fixed: Clear math data cache on exit.
  • Fixed: Failed to load LD files with size greater than 2GB containing video sync information.
  • Fixed: Possible crash after reverting layouts.
  • Fixed: Auto loading from user specified folder not working.
  • Fixed: Slow values window redraw when clicking Ok from Properties dialog.
  • Fixed: Manually inserted beacons not correctly exported in LDX file (TT#3825).
  • Fixed: Channels window tree expand/collapse state not maintained across a data source selection change (TT#3797).
  • Fixed: Channel unit overrides not being applied correctly for some channels.
  • Fixed: Report Properties uncheck item toggles wrong item.
  • Fixed: Video Database is incorrectly initialised from last Video search folder.
  • Fixed: Possible hang when track distance calculation results in infinity.
  • Fixed: Data Window overlay select/deselect not always taking effect.
  • Fixed: Reduce CPU usage during Animation setting was not being saved.
  • Fixed: Print worksheet doesn't use full page extent.
  • Fixed: Crash when adding an empty channel list component(TT#3785).
  • Fixed: GPS track map background offset when using Google maps (TT#3782).
  • Fixed: Prompt for folder when Downloading a software update (TT#3793).
Version 27 November 2014
  • Fixed: Crash reading an incorrectly formatted LDX file.
  • Fixed: Database indexing not correctly processing some files.
  • Fixed: Check for software updates using incorrect product identifier.
  • Fixed: Reinstate fastest/total laps columns in Open Log File dialog.
Version 13 November 2014
  • New: Added support for the C127/C187 Dash
  • Fixed: Using the GPS 'Lap Generator' results in no change
  • Fixed: Time/Distance Offset axis disappears when dragging thru zero point (TT#3728)
  • Fixed: Google Earth export loss of precision (TT#3734)
  • Fixed: Corrected Distance not calculated if logged speed channel selected (TT#3741)
Version 28 October 2014
  • New: User defined worksheet key-bindings
  • New: Added Picture component
  • New: Check for Software Updates capability
  • New: Improved memory management (large log files)
  • New: Improved maths performance (multi-core)
  • New: Improved rendering performance (multi-core)
  • New: Tools|General|Search option to use a loose name match when searching for channels (TT 3548)
  • New: Zoom support for Scatter Plots (TT 3096, 3540)
  • New: Indexing of LD files (into a database) for faster searching in the 'File Open' dialog
  • New: Tooltips for long comment in data windows (TT 3642, 3649)
  • New: Multiselect operation when configuring channel reports (TT 3148)
  • Fixed: Long channel names (>32 characters) truncated when LD file loaded (TT#3727)
  • Fixed: M800 ECU Error Group 16 bit channels updated
  • Fixed: ECU Error Group channels not displayed correctly (TT 3702)
  • Fixed: ECU Error Group channels not exporting with correct names (TT 3703)
  • Fixed: Use logical (case insensitive) sort in channel list
  • Fixed: Channel report 'statistic' order would change after lap inserted (TT3715)
  • Fixed: Locale with custom decimal separator not working (TT3719)
  • Fixed: Crash on Windows 8 when opening the Homegroup folder (TT 3687)
  • Fixed: Missing context menu on color legend for histo/scatter
  • Fixed: Improve file detail visibility in File Open dialog
  • Fixed: Text edit fails to process decimal after a locale change (TT 3669)
  • Fixed: Cannot datum link based on distance (TT 3650)
  • Fixed: Drag Workspace - 1 second margin not visible (TT 3596)
  • Fixed: Lap times now visible in 'Open File' database/explorer views (TT 3604, 3658)
  • Fixed: File names now visible in 'Open File' database/explorer views (TT 3605)
  • Fixed: Sort order arrows incorrect in 'Open File' (TT 3607)
  • Fixed: No visual cue to exit full screen mode (TT 3610)
  • Fixed: i2 crash when toggling overlays in scatter plot (TT 3612)
  • Fixed: Reduce minimum status light size (TT 3648)
  • Fixed: A deleted .ldx file doesn't update the LD database correctly
  • Fixed: Custom .ldx file details are missing after migration (TT 3585)
  • Fixed: Venue/Driver/Session text clipped in Data window (TT 3580)
  • Fixed: Treat underscore as a valid word separator when searching (TT 3571)
  • Fixed: Distance mode not working correctly when Corrected Speed G Correction enabled
  • Fixed: File Open Driver/Vehicle/Venue filters don't take effect
  • General bug fixes
  • Cosmetic user interface improvements
Version 24 September 2014
  • Fixed: LDX detail loading should be case insensitive
Version 5 September 2014
  • Fixed: Crash when applying a math channel
Version 2 August 2013
  • New: Allowed Drag, Engine profile to export to Google Earth (TT 3312)
  • New: Added version information to the title (TT 3319)
  • New: Allowed Time Format to be changed in Channel Report (TT 3322)
  • New: Added support for importing alternate Pi CSV log file formats
  • New: Added support for importing CSV log files without a details section (TT 3094)
  • Fixed: GPS corrections fail if GPS Latitude or Longitude don't exist (TT 3217)
  • Fixed: Corrected Distance calculated from Lap Distance channel fails (TT 3254)
  • Fixed: Crash when opening certain log files (TT 3255)
  • Fixed: M800 Error/Status group definitions (TT 3291)
  • Fixed: Project corrupted after hibernation (TT 3305)
  • Fixed: Google Maps URL retrieve failure (TT 3311)
  • Fixed: HD-VCS video sync
  • Fixed: Lap stretch may fail if Beacon offset is applied (TT 3365)
Version 31 August 2012
  • Added: Recall state of single color for main option when loading previous data with project (TT 2874)
  • Improved performance of channel report builds
  • Channel reports now display multiple outings in date/time order (TT 3014)
  • Scatter plot option to force trend equations to go through zero (TT 2579, 2908)
  • Channel reports now support zoom linked ranges (TT 2873)
  • Show heading arrows on GPS track (TT 2584)
  • Added support for selecting and editing multiple channels in channel editor
  • Prevent in/out laps from being identified as fastest laps if no trusted laps exist (TT 2485)
  • Include alias channels in exports (TT 3057)
  • Added Google Maps support for GPS track background (TT 2583)
  • Scatter plot option to specify the number of significant digits shown in a trend line equation (TT 2866)
  • Scatter plot allow trend equation to be copied to the clipboard (TT 2550)
  • Show the current path in the open log file screen, and allow the path to be copied to the clipboard (TT 3026)
  • Added M1 start/stop device events
  • Added support for invalidating of GPS speed channel according to status channel (TT 1668)
  • Added: Zeroing of GPS speed channels and invalidating selected channels (TT 1669)
  • Change default track map generation type (TT 3048)
  • Support for new M1 channel naming conventions
  • Added explanatory text in 'Find and Replace' utility (TT 3171)
  • Fixed: Exporting a log file can truncate channel names to 32 characters (TT 3189)
  • Fixed: Bit channels may be excluded from export/split (TT 2919, 2967)
  • Fixed: Avoid loading of duplicate bit channels
  • Fixed: Standard deviation figures in channel reports can be incorrect when display units are different to base units
  • Fixed: Channel reports results may appear incorrectly
  • Fixed: Manual time markers and video sync points not exported correctly (TT 2804, 3087)
  • Fixed: Overlayed data is not always displayed in scatter plot (TT 3085)
  • Fixed: Track maps generated from tracks with a high number of reference points won't open in Telemetry Monitor (TT 1577, 2501)
  • Fixed: Toolbar doesn't fit with default application size (TT 2993)
  • Fixed: Time reports don't update with a beacon offset (TT 2549)
  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts don't work in numerical edit controls (TT 2997)
  • Fixed: Corrected file size sort order in open log file screen (TT 2959)
  • Fixed: On/Off channels used as the result of an advanced maths expression do not function correctly (TT 2775)
  • Fixed: Reference laps can be created with the wrong lap distance (TT 2335)
  • Fixed: Splitting a log file does not check if file names already exist (TT 2168)
  • Fixed: Pasting a component from the clipboard ignores distance mode setting (TT 2438)
Version 02 May 2012
  • Fixed intermittent crash that can occur when using a scatter plot and zooming full out (TT 3018)
  • Fixed intermittent crash that can occur when using overlays
  • Fixed crash that can occur after viewing reports
  • Improved dock window color and contrast
  • Added automatic lap generation using GPS data for multiple log files (TT 2853)
  • Fixed: Background-processing of certain videos may cause a crash
  • Fixed: Incorrectly registering i2 Pro interfaces as part of the i2 Standard type library (TT 2734)
  • Added: Automatically load log files when placed in a user-specified folder (TT 2932)
  • Double-clicking on the data key now brings up the color edit dialog instead of the color scheme page of the main options dialog (TT 2941)
  • Previous lap selections are recalled when "load previous data with project" is selected (TT 2939)
  • Fixed: User interface may freeze during a log unload (TT 2486)
  • Fixed: Logs not opening in i2 after a log unload after the logging directory has changed
  • Cosmetic improvements made to log unload and view config splash screens
  • Added overlay min/max/avg statistics to the time/dist graph (including hover highlight support) (TT 2943)
  • Changing datum (from a Time/Distance graph) causes all "linked" components to update (TT 2940)
  • Added datum cursor (read-only) to the scatter plot
  • Added scientific notation support to script (TT 2934)
  • Improved docking system on Windows XP (TT 2938)
  • Add margin and remove client edge for channels dock window
  • Allow unpinned dock window to be clicked to open/close
  • Fixed: View device config not working with SDL3 Manager (TT 2830, 2915)
  • Added support for CDL3
  • Exclude zero lat/long samples when drawing gps track maps or exporting to google earth (TT 2898)
  • Added angle% unit so that channels (like Throttle Position) map correctly to a % unit (TT 1844)
Version 10 August 2011
  • Added: Extend zoom selection (Shift+Click within the zoom summary bar)  (TT 2847)
  • Added: Save/Restore zoom selection across outing selections (TT 2849)
  • Added "Print to Clipboard" support (TT 2850)
  • Added: Google Earth export feature (TT 2854, TT2743)
  • Fixed: GPS beacon insert shows in-correct lap times (TT 2857)
  • Fixed: "Reference Lap" export folder now Windows 7 compliant  (TT 2860)
  • Fixed: Numeric details being rounded after reopening the log file (TT 2891)
  • Fixed: Alias channel colours vary across outings (TT 2665)
  • Fixed: "Edit Details" icon state incorrectly shown (TT 2754)
  • Fixed: Track Maps generated using GPS sometimes cause Time Report summary inconsistency (TT 2806)
Version 19 May 2011
  • Fixed: Video synchronisation not working when multiple copies of the same video exist
  • Fixed: Unable to view ACL device configuration unless a dash manager is installed (TT 1826)
  • Added "Corrected GPS..." Tool menu item to all project types (TT 2348)
  • Fixed: GPS speed channel becomes incorrect if you overlay GPS file with non GPS file (TT 2818)
  • Improved feedback when a video cannot be played due to codec incompatibility (TT 2819)
  • Added ability to add/remove/edit custom details (TT 2755)
  • Added multi-select operations to the maths dialog (TT 2766)
  • Added GPS time alignment mode (TT 2767)
  • Added Units for Curvature (TT 2802)
  • Added: Device event annotations
  • Improved: Logging decoder now only splits files when log setups differ. It adds device events for firmware start and power cycles
  • Fixed: Inability to add / edit channels in channel report (TT 7232)
  • Added: M84 ECU Support
Version 28 September 2010
  • Improved: Improve background colors for GPS Track (TT 1613)
  • Fixed: i2 GPS Corrections does not remove duplicate samples (TT 1661)
  • Improved: Auto beacon on GPS position in i2 (TT 1986)
    • Go to "Tools | Lap Editor", click "by GPS ..." button in the "Auto Insert" group.
    • Latitude and Longitude of current cursor position is auto selected.
  • Fixed: Random Lap ordering in channel report (TT 2213)
  • Improved: Ability to create folders in open menu of i2 (TT 2346)
  • Fixed: Lap marker chart zoom level continuously updates with cursor (TT 2542)
  • Fixed: i2 math is now case sensitive, wasn't before (TT 2555)
  • Improved: Reset corrupted i2 Standard projects (TT 2562)
  • Improved: Device reset creates a single partial lap (TT 2605)
  • Added: Support displaying long channel names and enumerated values
  • Automatically update start lap number (TT 2349)
  • Cursor does not identify when dragging channels onto graphs(TT 2365)
  • Logged ECU Error/Statuses groups not extracted or incorrect in exported files (TT 2397)
  • SDL3 view device config doesn't work (TT 2420)
  • i2 freezes when a split is missing on a Time Report of split times (TT 2436)
  • Integer overflow when exporting data (TT 2461)
  • Log files are opening up with lap 0 as first flying lap instead of lap 1 (TT 2467)
  • Single click or key shortcut to maximise component (TT 2499)
  • Venue name has character length limitation in i2 but not dash manager (TT 2507)
  • Added: Ability to take two log files, offset one from the other and then combine the channels into a single (exported) log file
  • Fixed: Error / Status Channels would not display. (TT 2396)
  • Fixed: i2 would not show status/error channels (TT 2364)
  • Improved: Remove a unit override on a channel if it cannot be applied to all open files in a project
  • Improved: Export data now allows export of specific maths channels without needing to export all channels (TT 1656, 1967)
  • Fixed: Copy of a scatter plot now maintains manual scaling (TT 1648)
  • Improved: Data window now sorts the file order according to the file details (TT 1849)
  • Fixed: reference lap creation no longer removes leading zeroes (TT 1884)
  • Fixed: Venue length no longer rounds to 0dps for lengths in Miles (TT 1906)
  • Improved: Search now finds characters within brackets (TT2079)
  • Improved: Annotations now more visible. (TT 2207)
  • Fixed: GPS Lat and Long value export (TT 2279)
  • Fixed: Copy and paste from open file dialogue (TT 2284)
  • Improved: split of exported files now only exports real channels (TT 2327)
Version 25 September 2009
  • Fixed: i2 problem filtering alias channels (TT 1498)
  • Fixed: Filter of channel causing data offset in i2 (TT 1664)
  • Fixed: Channel Report bug with logged channels from 32 bit advanced math (TT 1885)
  • Fixed: Sort order when sort by sample rate in the channel editor is used (TT 1893)
  • Fixed: 32 bit condition channels get displayed as N/A (TT 1943)
  • Added: Switch for channel report to ignore interpolated data in i2 (TT 1905)
  • Fixed: i2 standard channel report not working in engine project (TT 1715)
  • Fixed: File open dialog has a long delay when displaying a folder containing many large log files (TT 2247)
  • Fixed: i2 crash on open log file (TT 1690)
  • Fixed: HTML script errors when i2 starts up (TT 2245)
  • Fixed: i2 crashes when exporting a Channel Report.
  • Fixed: Downloading device from "i2" doesn't load data afterwards.
  • Fixed: i2 doesn't create telemetry track maps if the directory hasn't been created.
  • Fixed: i2 downloads from ADL3 instead of ADL2 when selected. (TT 1875)
  • Fixed: Get log data from i2, selecting ADL2 opens ADL3 manager. (TT 1995)
  • i2 is now aware of beacons that are logged within the Beacon Ignore Time. They are displayed as Ignored Beacons and laps are not generated from them. (TT 1507) Please upgrade your Manager Software to the latest version to enable this feature.
  • Fixed: Fastest Lap time is updated consistently and shows up in the file open screen correctly. (TT 1762)
  • Fixed: Trusted Laps settings are saved. (TT 1765)
  • Fixed: File > Get Logged Data caused crash if wrong device is selected.
  • Improved: i2 now notifies the user when it runs out of memory allocating a channel and write a note in the View | Messages window.