M4 Setup

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M4 Setup

Postby toyroll27 on Thu Jun 25, 2020 4:17 am

Hi all, New to Motec. So I apologize for any lack of terminology or knowledge, learning as I go.
Finally put in a Motec M4 that's been sitting around. Also have the IEX expander as well.
Setup is a 4 cylinder turbo 2.0 3sgte Toyota motor, all wired up.
60-2 trigger wheel,
1 tooth cam sync using oem dizzy.
4 LS coils and 720cc high imp injectors.

Not having any luck getting it to fire. What is the recommended settings for the Ref/Crip and sync?
I have my ref sensor on 9th tooth after the missing tooth on trigger
I tried to set sync on about 270* BTDC, suggestion from a friend.
firing 1 3 4 2
I get sync error in diagnostic
Shows rpm about 200 to 240 while cranking
I know many of my settings are off, Looking for any help,
Any insight or advice is welcome.
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Re: M4 Setup

Postby stevesingo on Fri Jun 26, 2020 1:03 am

Firstly you need to know if your ref sensor is set to falling edge or rising edge. If you can rig up a degree wheel and still see the ref sensor, it shouldn't be too difficult to measure the angle between tdc and the designated edge of the 1st tooth after the missing two teeth. At that point you are either correct of 360deg out.

If you are somewhere near as it is, just try adding/subtracting 360 from your current position.
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Re: M4 Setup

Postby toyroll27 on Fri Jul 03, 2020 2:48 pm

thanks, I will try that.
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Re: M4 Setup

Postby toyroll27 on Tue Jul 14, 2020 12:45 am

Ok, So my buddy and I was able to put the M4 into waste fire (I thnk) and was able to start the car. Runs poorly obviously, but with the info we entered, if anyone has suggestions, they are welcomed.

Crip set to 40 (falling type)
coils set to 2 (for waste Fire)
Sync disconnected and set to Hall effect, wasn't sure where to or what to set to for waste fire
firing 1 3 4 2
expansion box removed
injectors scaling set to 8
cylinders set to 24
Ref sensor type 2
ref/sync mode 83
crank ref teeth 60
ign type 1

tried to change a few things to use the sync cam sensor, but no go. Only was able to get waste fire going.
On using the sync, and expansion box, I was only able to get Coil for Cylinder #1 to fire, the others never fired. Any suggestions for getting this up and running on sequential ?
Also any base maps for 3sgte with 60-2 trigger wheels with and without sync would be appreciated as well. Thanks.
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