TP2 Throttle Limit Calibration

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TP2 Throttle Limit Calibration

Postby RR213 on Thu Jan 28, 2021 10:31 am

I'm setting up DBW on an M800 and am unsure how to calibrate the TP2 sensor when it's not a full range 0-100% sensor.

The throttle servo is a Mikuni unit similar to that used in the Mitsubishi Evo X. The tracking sensor only operates from 0 to approx. 54% of the range.

TP has an output of 0.480 (0%) to 4.532v (100%)
TP2 has an output of 2.494 (0%) to 4.654v (53.8%)

How should the Throttle Position 2 Open voltage be calibrated so the M800 know to ignore the tracking sensor once it reaches its limit.

This is analogues with Servo Bank 1 Position Sensor Tracking Limit in M1 GP packages.
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Re: TP2 Throttle Limit Calibration

Postby SDean on Thu Jan 28, 2021 3:31 pm


To deal with this issue, you need to setup a Custom Calibration in the Input Setup window for the TP2 Calibration.

For a number of throttle bodies, TP2 does not have a full 0–100% range, but stops reading at a fixed percentage.
In this case a custom calibration table for TP2 is needed to alter its effective range as the ECU interprets it.

In the Calibration area, select Custom. This will automatically select calibration units in percentage to one decimal place.

Click Table and enter following the values:
Input % 0 100
% 0 fixed percentage as indicated in the application drawing

If you can supply the part number of the DBW Servo I can see what the value we have for that servo is, if it is one that we have calibrated.
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