M800 AT for Pressure Sensor

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M800 AT for Pressure Sensor

Postby RR213 on Mon Feb 01, 2021 10:39 am

I see user manuals with the following wording and understand that the addition of the 1k pull-up to 5v on the AT pins will influence the signal and may require a custom sensor calibration.

Some voltage output sensors can be used to connect to the analogue
temperature inputs if they can drive the pull-up resistor without causing
an error in their reading (e.g. MoTeC Thermocouple Amplifier).

Can you advise what min/max pressure sensor impedance is acceptable for use with an AT input pin on the M800 ECU?

I'm hoping to use the RaceGrade 150 PSi gauge sensor which is quoted as having a < 100 Ohm output impedance.
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Re: M800 AT for Pressure Sensor

Postby David Ferguson on Mon Feb 01, 2021 3:10 pm

You really should contact MoTeC USA / Milspecwiring.com / RaceGrade (all the same people) and ask. They will likely tell you yes those sensors can provide enough current to overcome the 1k pullup, but if not, they may be able to provide the correct calibration information.

I suggest emailing sales@milspecwiring.com, they will route your query to the correct person to answer it.
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