Forwarding data across the CAN bus?

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Forwarding data across the CAN bus?

Postby etansivad on Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:58 am

I have an event that I would like to forward across the can bus using the ADL to the video recorder. Just as a test, I want to forward a message when someone hits the "next page" switch, since that'll be easy to test.

On the input side I can see "SW2 is mapped to the Display mode button."
So it looks like I can set a condition to output to the user channel under "User conditions"
Then I go into "Input-> Communications" and try to map the user channel to a specific CAN message, but it tells me that "User channel one is already selected." So, clearly I'm not understanding how the two systems are supposed to be used.

Also, one question on the CAN setup, under the channel setup there's the option "Base address" and one setting I'm looking at says "245" -- is that the HEX value of the CAN ID? Is there a way to see a table of normal values for a particular BOSCH ECU? or do I have to sniff the traffic first, then figure out what each packet means?
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