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VIM Testing

Postby JayDee on Wed May 30, 2012 8:59 am

We are running an ACL and 3 VIMs. We had some data that with a lot of drop outs, the sensors were swapped and the problem persisted on a specific input. I ran through my usual checks and nothing obvious seems to be wrong with the remainder of the setup (hard and soft).
To bottom out this and future problems I would like to bench test the VIM, could some one give me the back ground under which the VIM transmits/responds onto the CAN bus.
Will I need to recreate the ACL explorer messages etc... it does not simple passively transmit onto the bus.

I'm after a repeatable bench test for checking out my VIMs before deciding there is a probelm and returning them to base, which always takes lots of time. I also like to do as much of the problem diagnostics at the workshop so that we can track down the root problem and defining a test for the VIMs is a good step towards that.
Cheers, J.
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Re: VIM Testing

Postby JamieA on Thu May 31, 2012 10:21 am

The VIM is what is called a VIMCOMM device.

It really needs to be on an ACL CAN bus to communicate.

When you create a config in dash manager (or ACL manager) it sends that config to the VIM. Only inputs that are configured with a channel connected to it will transmit from the VIM to the ACL, and only at the rate they are requred to do (generally the logging rate of the channel)

This means that the channels only appear on the bus if they are needed, and at the speed that they are being used.

Perhaps email to with your specific issues and we can help with them.


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