Sudden ACL Connection Issues

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Sudden ACL Connection Issues

Postby on Mon Oct 13, 2014 11:16 pm

Hello all,

I'm running a MoTec ACL acquisition system in an engine dyno cell. The unit connects to a desktop computer sitting outside the cell (running Windows XP). First we had some issues with the latest version of anti-virus software blocking the connection. So an exception was added and eventually anti-virus was pulled from the computer altogether. Then the XP firewall started causing issues but disabling it immediately solved that.

Now I'm getting the same error as the firewall issue but shutting off the firewall didn't solve it. The issue is: while Device Discovery finds the ACL, I get a "Could not connect to Gateway The remote address is invalid (WSAEADDRNOTAV" and the rest of the message is clipped by the window. I can connect with my laptop no problem. To our knowledge, nothing changed on the computer between working and not working.

I brought in IT and they couldn't get it either. We followed all the advice in this thread, there's no antivirus software on the computer, and Windows firewall is off.

A few questions right off the bat:

Where do I find the native IP of the ACL? I tried setting my computer to the IP listed in the aforelinked thread but I can't seem to find the IP of the unit on my computer, in device discovery or network connections.

What's this IP address override that Jamie referred to in that thread? Cause I'm on Windows XP and I'll try anything at this point.

Edit: Additionally, we have a MoTec Lambda unit (LSU4.9) and it also can see the LTC on the network but they're grayed out and it can't seem to make a connection
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Re: Sudden ACL Connection Issues

Postby on Fri Oct 17, 2014 2:24 am


After a lot of troubleshooting I determined that the version of Device Discovery that shipped with the latest version of ACL Manager (1.7Z) doesn't play nice with Windows XP. I uninstalled ACL Manager, then went into the 'Program Files > MoTeC' folder and deleted 'Discovery' folder to uninstall it. Then I reinstalled 1.62A5 and it works.

I didn't have these issues on 1.7Y so if anyone using Windows XP is still on that version of software, don't upgrade. Other than that you'll have to jump back to 1.62A5 as 1.7Y is no longer available for download.

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