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PDM Standby Mode

Postby HKS_TRD on Sat Jul 24, 2021 1:41 pm

This may be a basic question but I couldn't quite work it out from reading the manual or searching in here

One of the conditions for the PDM to enter standby mode is for all outputs not configured to stay alive to be off, does this man the channels have to be 'forced' off by the master shutdown or just simply that their output state is not true

The other question was how to switch the CAN keypad off, is this automatically tied to the 'master shutdown' conditio, I couldn't see an option in the CAN keypad settings like the one for the output pins
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Re: PDM Standby Mode

Postby TomE on Wed Aug 11, 2021 2:18 pm

The "Standby Mode" section in the User Manual details all of this pretty well.

The outputs just have to be "off".

The only tricky part is the sentence "No CAN messages have been successfully transmitted". The way the CAN bus works, is that in order to transmit a message, another device on the bus has to receive and ACK that message. If there's nothing else to do that, the sender keeps retrying and the message isn't "successfully transmitted". As well, CAN devices usually receive their own transmissions. So transmitted messages (from the PDM) also count as "received CAN messages".

So all other devices on the CAN bus (including Keypads, testers and UTCs) have to be disabled, usually meaning powered off.

As to switching the keypad off, refer to "Output Devices : Electronic Devices : CAN Keypads". You probably want to power the keypad from a PDM switched output.
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