Help! - how to test an SLM-C?

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Help! - how to test an SLM-C?

Postby JulianEdgar on Sat Aug 24, 2013 7:37 pm

I have a second-hand SLM-C and second-hand CDL-3.

The bits came with a short loom - with this set-up I couldn't make the make SLM-C do anything.

I bought a new track kit loom, complete with plug for SLM-C.

Still can't make the SLM-C show any signs of life.

I checked continuity between SLM-C plug and wiring inside rear of SLM-C - all fine.

All dash function work fine, have latest firmware.

How can I tell that the CDL-3 has even found the SLM-C?

Can I diagnose a CAN problem with the SLM-C?

Do I need to add a resistor, given that the new loom is meant to have the SLM-C plugged into it? (Total distance between dash and SLM-C is about 30cm.)
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Re: Help! - how to test an SLM-C?

Postby mstech on Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:16 pm

If you connect to the CDL3 through the config software you can simulate any of the functions, got to the RPM function and change it to a figure above where you have set your shift lights to, this should, if everything is working fine, activate the lights.

The CDL config software will connect to the SLM-C if it finds it to be able to control it.

The standard CDL3 track loom has a resistor in the CANBus 1, but not in CANBus 2, the SLM-C should be connected into the CANBus 1 by default (pin 18 and 19 on the CDL and C2 and C3 on the SLM-C connector), unless the wiring has been changed around, make sure that it is being connected to the SLM-C connector, and not the GPS as well.
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Re: Help! - how to test an SLM-C?

Postby JulianEdgar on Sun Aug 25, 2013 6:59 pm

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I have already tried all that you suggest.

I have an idea - can someone really familiar with the software attach to a post a config file that will turn on the SLM-C when it is plugged into the normal Track loom and (say) the Acknowledge button is pressed? (Or send it directly to me at julianedgar1 (at) )

I have already tried doing this but perhaps I am making a mistake in the software.

That will show very quickly if my SLM-C is broken.

Thanks in advance!
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