E816/888 CAN data

Includes expansion units, sensors, valves, wiring, communication cables etc.

E816/888 CAN data

Postby Blu302 on Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:14 pm

Does any one have the CAN dataset/protocol for the E816/888 expanders that they are willing to share or do I need to buy one and sniff the CAN bus?

I am wanting to add a few more injectors/outputs to my setup on my M800. I have used all the available already and I want to drive injectors and some other changing frequency type devices. I already have a CAN gateway(custom) that I can can add outputs to and program injector maps etc.

The injectors are for water injection and some of the other frequency outputs are for connection to the factory dash.(fuel used pulse does not match injector PW and also runs at RPM)

Any help appreciated

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Re: E816/888 CAN data

Postby adrian on Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:34 am

Send me an email, support@motec.com.au, and I'll send you some information.

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Re: E816/888 CAN data

Postby Scott@FP on Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:46 am

Block out your output requirements first, you will likely end up moving some outputs over to the expander and need to keep other types in the M800 due to output capabilities.

Expander odd number outputs are high freq (8Hz to 5KHz) and have 255 steps in DC%
Expander even number outputs are low freq/low resolution, 1Hz to 100Hz max , 5% DC steps.
Even number outputs are only suitable for low speed/low resolution tasks- warning lamps, relays.

The use of the expander tables negates inj individual trim tables, either only assigned injector outputs retain individual trim tables, and the remaining inj outputs the tables are available for the expander, or all 8 are available for the expander with no individual injector trim tables.

Some reconfiguring is likely to get everything you want working.
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