how to add Lambda trim to engine page

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how to add Lambda trim to engine page

Postby Formula Student on Tue Sep 14, 2021 12:44 pm

I've got the Lambda trim enabled on my M84 ECU and I would like to log the trim in i2 so I can look at how much trim is being used and then adjust my map after each run so we use less trim.
I'd like to add this to the Lambda section on the "Engine" tab.
Can someone explain to me how I do this please.

I've noticed that the bottom section has Air temp inlet, engine oil temp and engine water temp and this is what I'd like to do in the Lambda section.

Thanks in advance
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Re: how to add Lambda trim to engine page

Postby SDean on Tue Sep 14, 2021 3:10 pm

Hi Greig,

I am presuming that you are using i2 Standard for the data analysis.

The first step is to unlock the Layout so that it can be adjusted, this is done by going to the Layout menu dropdown and unticking the Lock Layout option.

Once this is done and you have the logfile open, there are a number of ways that you can add a channel into the worksheet. The easiest way is to expose the Channels flyout from the left hand side of the screen, find the channel that you want to add and either click and drag on it to move it into the Time graph that you want it in, or double click on it to have i2 automatically add it to the appropriate section, this is based on the channels units.

To do further customisation, clicking in the Time graph area and pressing the F5 key (or right clicking to open the dropdown menu, selecting Properties) will bring up the Time Graph properties window, this allows for the channels to be added and removed, as well as shuffled in the graph that they are displayed in.
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