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MoTeC ECU manager

Postby Caroline on Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:44 am

I know ECU can only control one DBW throttle. However, I do not know if PID fault conditions can be examined by MoTeC ECU manager?
Just like dbw-4. Fault conditions for each type of PID Controller can be examined with the Motec DBW-4 Manager software. eg:Measured Value 1& Measured Value 2 Tracking. This error condition occurs when TP & TP2 values are not tracking to within 10% of each other for more than 2 seconds. Since safe operation can not be ensured under this condition, all drive by wire PID Controllers will be shutdown. I do not know how to use MoTeC ECU manager find fault.
Looking forward to get answer, thanks a lot.
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