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Present yourself

Postby ZyBeR on Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:55 pm

It's always nice to know people on the boards you regularly use so let's present ourselves.

I'm from Sweden, using MoTeC in my private project Evo VIII aka. zEvo 2.2l.
Here is my project blog

I would suggest you guys from MoTeC present yourself with what you work with and what your special skills are. I really think this forum can be a great place, we just need to work with it and spread the word about it.
Best Regards
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Re: Present yourself

Postby injectordynamics on Sat Jul 12, 2008 1:16 pm

Hey bud, I should have known you might show up here. Just checked your site and realized that you included a link to me. Thanks.

So...My signature shows the name and web address. We are an authorized Motec dealer and specialize in thorough dynamic injector characterization.

I agree that it would be helpful for Motec employees to let us know who they are and what they specialize in.
Paul Yaw
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Re: Present yourself

Postby John Reed on Sat Jul 12, 2008 5:54 pm

Checking in, and I think this new forum is a wonderful addition.

I am based out of Portland, OR and do tuning/installs on Motec systems worldwide and it has been a pleasure from day one working with them.
John Reed
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Re: Present yourself

Postby Apex Speed Tech on Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:12 am

Apex Speed Technology is a full-service motorsports electornics company based out of Southern California. We are authorized MOTEC dealers, specializing in engine management, data acquisition, dash displays, video systems, power management and wiring harness construction.

Check out our website and blog to read about some of our current projects!
Neel Vasavada
Apex Speed Technology
2931 S. Sepulveda Blvd Suite F
Los Angeles, CA 90064
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Apex Speed Tech
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Re: Present yourself

Postby figgie on Tue Jul 15, 2008 1:15 am

I myself am not a MoTeC dealer but a User. I see lots of familiar face already (John Reed, IJ. Neel) ! :)

My car is an 87 Toyota Supra (or what is still stock, toyota anyway ;) ) Running a M800 + CDI 8 + MoTec accessories. All OEM electrical wiring save for A/C and washer dumped and replaced by M22759/91 wiring :)

Wiring is my speciality as I used to wire airplanes for a living.
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Re: Present yourself

Postby Igor DCM on Thu Jul 17, 2008 11:23 pm

Hello everyone,

Igor DCM stands for Dacar Motorsport. Our company is located in Brazil and it is focused in engine development towards competition in many areas: rally group N, rally cross-country, endurance racing, formula 3, drag racing and others.

We are a Brazilian MoTeC dealer and feel very pleased with the effort MoTeC has put in this website to support us.
Igor Nunes
Dacar Motorsport
55 (51) 3477-1653
55 (51) 3478-1405 fax
Rua Brigadeiro Ivo Borges, 148
Bairro São Luiz, Canoas - RS
Brazil 92420-050
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Igor DCM
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Re: Present yourself

Postby Pascal on Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:09 pm

Hey everyone,

Pascal here, MoTeC dealer, living in China, Shanghai, have workshop and dyno room on Shanghai Racing Circuit. Have a lot of developed parts produced in China and using dyno and MoTeC to find best solution for aftermarket. At moment 19 products available from us. Intercoolers, oil coolers, few exhaust manifolds and some other stuff which is all tested for highest standard.

One title in 2007 ACSBK with Honda CBR 1000 RR HRC Engine. 208 HP! Pritty fast bike.

Specially proud of our line of intercoolers! 19-23 HP more then hks, it is one brand from China with mother house in Japan, and some greeddy or something. We tested for 11 days in the details intercoolers for 9 different brands.

In this year we are preparing engine and of course MoTeC for Hyundai Team in Official Circuit Championship. Next year maybe more if we do a good job! ;)

That is it. Small but efficient team.

Cheers Pascal
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Re: Present yourself

Postby Boost Samurai on Fri Jul 25, 2008 11:00 am

Mark here, just thought I'd chime in and say 'Howdy'

I'm only a MoTeC user, not a dealer, and I must say these forums are long overdue IMHO. Good work though.

In any case, I've got a MoTeC M800 PnP setup on my '94 Supra which I hope to be putting to some good use when the car is done. Still a ways to go though :roll: :oops:

While here, I hope to learn as much as possible.
1994 Toyota Supra RZ | MoTeC M800, Garrett GT42R, 1000cc injectors, 3 x Denso fuel pumps, 3.0L of whoop ass...
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Re: Present yourself

Postby sam@tdi on Fri Jul 25, 2008 7:25 pm

I'm Sam Borgman, I'm the technical and engineering manager for Torque Developments Int a large road & race car tuning company based in the UK. We provide power train services and chassis development plus track side support.

We've been running since 1984 and now day's we've got some pretty cool toys here, my favorite of which is our Rototest R9 4wd hub dyno and 32 channel data suite which lives in a sound proofed & heavily ventilated cell, my office most of the time :D
Sam Borgman
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Re: Present yourself

Postby Cristian G on Thu Aug 07, 2008 6:29 am

Hi, I'm Cristian.

I'm a user of MoTec and I help a mate run his racecar. It's a 1987 Group A BMW E30 M3 in JPS colors. The car is an ex Team JPS Australia car returned to 1987 trim to run in the Australian Historics scene.
For a day job I work for an Engineering firm in Sydney, Australia as a Aerospace Maintenance Analyst and Technical Draftsman.

We have a M48 fitted after we were unable to find anyone who could tune the old BMW Motorsport computer locally.
The car is running the S14B23 engine in Group A trim with an original Carbon airbox and butterflies not slide throttle.
I do most of the tuning work on the car which I have discovered is very extensive for this level of car.

It is a pleasure to belong to this forum and look forward to getting more deeply involved with MoTec and tuning/maintaining the system.


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Cristian G
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