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Postby evo6nos on Fri Nov 08, 2013 4:53 pm

hi all people
i am facing a problem with my evo
i have an m800 oem ecu,and i am ussing nitrous 100hp shot........
after installing a bigger hotside in my turbo.....when i activate the nitrous i have detonation for just 1sec (as long as the boost raises) that moment i can see from data loging that te igition retard is high about 22 deggres
and needs about 0.3 sec to go down to 7 deggres
so i want same help
how to use the timming setup of my stage...?
i want, when the nitrous stage is activated to have the enrichment i have made in my 3d maps and the retard first,.......before the ecu grounds my solenoids and start spaying,just to give it same time to be rich and have the retard i want to stop knocking
what should i use ?
the start delay? is this only delaying all the stage ? ar the enrichent and retard is facing up?
the attack time?
both of them?
the enrichment and retard i make i want them to be in all my stage and not for afew seconds,i just want them to be first and after a 0.3-0.4 the ecu to ground the solenoids
i hope someone can help and explain with more than 2 words that the m800 help page gives
regards nick
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