Suitable ECU & Display

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Suitable ECU & Display

Postby Brian Nilrem Jnr on Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:51 am

New to the site, great reading and very informative.
My query is re a replacement unit for an aged Haltech E6a
The vehicle is a much modified Datsun 200b rally car.
Basic engine details:

L20B engine, bored and stroked to 2400cc, cam, valves and head mods, 10.9:1 comp, 45mm motec throttle bodies out to 50mm, 21/2" system, 036 injectors.

We will be going to sequential injection and multi coil packs with the ECU upgrade.

I have been looking at an M84 and a C125 display unit.

My main query is will the M84 allow switchable multi configuration Maps, ie, competitive and transport.

Your thoughts on the choice of unit and availability of the multi config would be much appreciated.

Brian Nilrem Jnr
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