gps installation on adl2 (porsche cup) instead of beacon btx

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gps installation on adl2 (porsche cup) instead of beacon btx

Postby pold9000 on Tue May 31, 2016 4:28 pm

i read many articles about the gps installation on my adl2 but get no real sucess?

can i detach my beacon receiver and install a gps unit instead? what wire i have to modify?

i read that the motec L10 gps works with the adl2?

can someone explain the procedure or post the parts numbers for the adapter?

ps: my adl2 has 1mb and the passwords are not removed, my firmware is 4.51g(?) i think

thank you
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Re: gps installation on adl2 (porsche cup) instead of beacon

Postby David Ferguson on Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:29 am

The "easy" button, is to unplug your BR2 beacon receiver and plug it into the RaceGrade BL GPS v2. The connector is compatible and there is no additional wiring required. Here is a link to that on the site (part of Motec USA): ... uct_id=209

Your ADL2 Porsche dash will need to be unlocked by Porsche so that you can change the communications configuration. If that has been done, then it is a simple matter of configuring the dash to received the GPS information over the CAN bus, and using GPS coordinates for beacon detection. The MoTeC USA dealer selling you the GPS should be capable of helping with that.

It is possible to connect the GPS L-10 (and I've installed several in GT-3 Cup cars), but depending upon which year car, will require either a special harness from Motec USA, or someone wiring a connector to the back of the dash (you have to splice into a 5V power, ground, and connect the RS-232 pin found in the center of the 79-pin autosport connector on the back of the dash).

I am attaching a document prepared by MoTeC USA detailing these options. It's a bit dated, as the RG GPS they refer to is the GPS V2 that I referred to at the top of the page.

Please feel free to contact us at Veracity Racing Data (, 805.238.1699) and we can help get these parts and get everything working.
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GPS Wiring of GT3 Cup
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