OKM and secondary injectors


OKM and secondary injectors

Postby Fazi on Fri May 17, 2013 1:19 am


Our customer have mounted secondary injectors in his Impreza STI, equipped with Motec M800 Plug In WRX 7 ECU. But he have also OKM module, which uses INJ7 output to send the Knock Window signal to OKM module. So, there is a problem with configuring secondary injectors. Could Knock Window signal be sent to OKM using different output, IGNx or AUX x? I'm afraid that it could be difficult as there are no Link to configure this output on board M800 Plug In. I have even thought about cutting path directly on board and wire it externally to other M800 output, but unfortunately there are masking layers on both sides of M800 board and it is hard to recognize where is this path... Do you have any idea how could it be managed?

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