VCS Released!

Video Capture System

VCS Released!

Postby JamieA on Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:11 am

MoTeC’s Video Capture System (VCS) is an integrated in-car camera system, designed and built for race cars and harsh environments.

The VCS records video and audio using the MPEG-2 video compression format at broadcast quality. It includes a built in real-time graphics processor that allows sensor data to be overlaid onto the video in real-time without the need for additional hardware.

The CAN interface enables communication with other devices, for example to set Auto Start/Stop Recording conditions.

The Video Capture System is supplied as a kit with either a 4 GB or a 16 GB high performance flash card. The kit includes:

* VCS Pro Recorder

* Camera
* Microphone
* Mini-USB B to USB A Male Cable
* VCS Adapter Loom
* VCS Power / CAN Loom
* Roll Cage Mounting Bracket
* VCS Mounting Plate
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