700 HP Cosworth Indy V8 on M190 with Methanol

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700 HP Cosworth Indy V8 on M190 with Methanol

Postby incontrolsteve on Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:08 pm

Have done this project using a MoTeC M190 to run a Cosworth XD Indycar engine. It was previously running on petrol with an M800. Over the winter it was updated to run on Methanol, with 24 injectors, 8 Hi 16 Lo, and converted to a MoTeC M190. It was run in the British Hillclimb championship, where it had a couple of victories and set a new hill record in the Channel Islands round of the championship. The owner also enters it in local sprint events, where he recently set a new outright circuit record, attached is the link to the You Tube clip of this record breaking run.
The engine revs to 14,500 RPM and makes over 700 Hp in current form (3.2 litres normally aspirated). The M190 has recently been updated to control the gearshift functionality on the vehicle, with some special added functions, and this will be trialled early next year.

Enjoy the sound!

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