Lancia Delta Integrale (1993) ECU + PDM

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Lancia Delta Integrale (1993) ECU + PDM

Postby AJSG1969 on Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:33 pm

The Delta has already had its engine loom built and a number of other sensors for intake pre and post intercooler including environmetal sensors have been included and work very well.

Idle is still generally a problem for what is essentially a road car. The body loom is being built up by Owen Devlopments in the UK this summer.

I am currently stuck at the display level, whilst the C1812 is great it is 4cm to narrow for the original display. I am looking into driving directly a couple of CANBUS steppers, something like the units, and placing a 7" display between them or just biting the bullet and sticking to the C1812.
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