Porsche 935K3 - Full MoTeC

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Porsche 935K3 - Full MoTeC

Postby The Old Dutch on Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:42 pm

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G'Day!, thought it is time I introduce myself and my Project to MoTeC Forum. I have been poking around at the forum and collecting info for some time now. Do hope that I can get some advice along the way to further develop and build my Project, in particular on the Electrical Part of the build.

My name is Erik, a Dutch Man living in Malaysia and a mad Porsche Fan, amateur racing a 1974 Porsche 911-RSR replica in Classic Races. Currently building for the last 4 years one of Porsche's greatest Racing Cars, a 935K3, the Le Mans winning car of 1979, with my twist on the overall design, looks, feel and performance.

Data 935K3:

Basis - 911turbo 1979

Chassis - fully converted to 935K3 - copied from original version

Body Panels - full glass fibre 935K3, third version of the Kremer Brothers

Suspension - full 935K3 setup - pickup points rear raised approx. 50mm

Wheels - BBS Centre Locks - 23.5x20.5-16 / 28.5x14.5-18

Seats - Lolly Pop

Windows - Polycarbonate

Gearbox - 911turbo 4-speed, upside down

Engine 1 - 911 turbo, converted to 935 - stroke/bore 70.4x98mm, individual 935 throttle bodies converted to EFI injection, Horse Shoe / Intercooler - Air to Air (Kremer version, Porsche factory cars had Water to Air versions) - massive aftermarket oil pump with 3 scavengers - twinspark ignition c/w Bosch 8pins CDI's - 2 BorgWargner Turbo's - Flat fan and many more 935 goodies.

Engine 2 - extreme 935 - 2 KKK K27 Turbo's - target 800bhp limit and 800Nm @ 1.4 bar boost, same as those cars where running in the late seventies and early eighties.

Electric - Full MoTeC, M190 - C187 - D153, PDM32 & 16, Bosch 8pin CDI's (2x), RSR/934/935 distributor, EFI., incl. traction control!!! Yah, did build the tone-wheel in the swing arms at the rear already. Who said that old Porsche can't have modern controls?? ;)

Dashboard - Original Porsche Gauges incl. rare 935 mechanical boots gauge 2 bar

Center Console - Gauges for Fuel Press. / Oil Press. Gearbox / Oil Temp. Gearbox and C187

Current Weight - 940kg

I have for sure left out many other specifications since the list is too extensive.
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Re: Porsche 935K3 - Full MoTeC

Postby The Old Dutch on Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:53 pm

In the advantaged stages of building a Porsche 935K3 running on "Full" - MoTeC; M190GPR, C187, PDM32 & PDM16 as the main electrical devices.

Now exploring the options to "drive" the original "Porsche" gauges out of the outputs of the M190, C187 and / or PDM's. I like to retain the "OLD SKOOL" look of the dash and avoid a double set of sensors to input MoTeC and Porsche / Stack gauges separately and having a Christmas Tree of sensors on the engine and gearbox. The sensors on the engine and gearbox / transmission will be of "Motorsport" grade while retaining the original Porsche fuel level sender and oil level sender. In addition, a set of IDIOT Lights on the Dash needs to be driven out of MoTeC as well, 5 units; Low Fuel, Alternator, Oil Pressure, Fan Belt & Launch Control "ACTIVE".


Gauge 1, Fuel Level Tank & Oil Level Tank

Gauge 2, Engine Oil Pressure & Engine Oil Temperature

Gauge 3, Tachometer

Gauge 4, Speedometer

Gauge 5, Boost (Mechanical - pressure line from manifold)

In addition the centre console will hold additional gauges (refer to attachment IMG_7020) for mock-up. The brand of gauges is "Stack" and will backdate the dial-face and hands to VDO period correct appearance at a later stage when all is working as it should. Same here, like to drive them out of MoTeC and "Motorsport" grade sensors and eliminate the original Stack sensors.

Gauge 6, Fuel Pressure

Gauge 7, Transmission Oil Pressure

Gauge 8, Transmission Oil Temperature

In case technical info is required on the Porsche Gauges and Stack Gauges, please let me know and will add the data to this post.

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Re: Porsche 935K3 - Full MoTeC

Postby 38D on Tue Sep 22, 2020 9:10 pm

amazing project!
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