Toyota LC 200 cCAN template

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Toyota LC 200 cCAN template

Postby Merlin on Mon May 13, 2019 10:52 pm

Hoping some may have a can template for a Toyota Landcruiser LC200

Specifically looking for wheel speeds and steering wheel angle and ECS brake function

John P
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Re: Toyota LC 200 cCAN template

Postby adrian on Wed May 15, 2019 9:10 am

Hi John,

I don't have any CAN info for that vehicle but if you can get some CAN logs for me it should be pretty easy to sort them out.

You can use our CAN Inspector software (download the Utilities program from our website) with a MoTeC Colour Dash, M1 or UTC to log the raw CAN messaging on the vehicle.

Then take a log while testing each of those things. As an example:

Start car
Accelerate up to 50km/h
Stay at 50 for 20 seconds
Accelerate up to 80km/h
Stay at 80 for 20 seconds
Come to a stop
Hold steering wheel straight ahead for 10s
Turn wheel left and hold for 10s
Go back to straight and hold for 10s
Turn wheel right and hold for 10s
Go back to straight and hold for 10s

It is important to take note of when you do each thing so that I can work out where things happen in the log.

If you want to know which wheel is which, you will need to jack the car up and turn each wheel one at a time.

Send the log to me at

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