Usefulness of narrow-band lambda & 2-Group ECU

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Usefulness of narrow-band lambda & 2-Group ECU

Postby Forg on Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:45 pm

I realise that, generally, narrow-band lambda readings are pretty useless for any sort of tuning, 'cos the sensors themselves don't work outside of a pretty narrow range of air:fuel ratio readings ... plus they don't work very well at any sort of realistic load levels etc.

I was wondering, however, whether the narrow-band-output of one of the modern wideband controllers might be of any use with tuning? I would presume that the emulator output would still produce a signal, even under load? For example, I know the 2-Group has an input which is selectable to be narrowband lambda in; I'm wondering if it's worth connecting the narrowband-simulation output of my TechEdge controller to it? Even if it's only for logging purposes?
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