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Postby grelley on Tue Nov 23, 2021 2:00 pm

Hi, I am looking for some guidance on earthing 2 relays through an M130GPR. the first relay is a Bosch 0 332 002 156 that switches the electric power steering pump. I want this to earth the relay when the engine starts and reaches approx 1500 rpm and stays earthed until the engine is switched off or stalls. This is so I avoid a repeat of starting the engine with the power steering pump on and a low battery. This caused a failure in the voltage input in the ECU.
The second relay is a Britax R5-1240R which is just a generic 5 pin mini relay. This operates a brake cooling pump. The brake system has a coolant reservoir which has a Bosch 2 pin temperature sensor. When the coolant reaches a temperature of 60 deg. C I want the relay to be switched on via the relay coil, and switched off when the temp drops to 50 deg. C. Can you please advise the best pins to connect this up to.
Thanks Stephen
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Re: Relays

Postby SDean on Tue Nov 23, 2021 4:01 pm


For the Power Steering Pump I would use the Coolant Pump functionality to control it, this will not turn on the output until the Engine State changes to Run. I would also enable the Engine Load axis on the Duty Cycle table and use the engine load of the engine running as the 100% duty cycle switch point.

For the Brake Cooling pump, I would configure the Differential Pump to control it.
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