Motec C125 CAN EV Vehicle

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Motec C125 CAN EV Vehicle

Postby redmistracing on Mon Nov 15, 2021 6:13 pm

Good Morning,

I am trying to work out how to setup the CAN communications for a C125 withe the OBD2 adapter. The vehicle is a Jaguar IPace EV.

I have found the attached CAN PID information for the vehicle, but I'm not sure how to enter this into the configuration, or if it is possible. Would anyone be able to assist, or explain the inputs required for one of the channels so I can see how to convert the information I have to input into the C125 config?

Many thanks

I-Pace 2021 EV400 ABRP v2.5.csv
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Re: Motec C125 CAN EV Vehicle

Postby NathanB on Tue Nov 16, 2021 2:27 pm

The best place to start out will be in dash manager and File > New > OBD-II

You require a TX template to actuate the requests, and a receive template to receive the data.

The OBD template uses the standard Service 01 address, but will give you the framework for your templates.
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