How to change channels i2 sends to DC for dash simulation?

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How to change channels i2 sends to DC for dash simulation?

Postby daveporter1 on Sun Jun 13, 2021 8:58 am

I'm using the i2 connection to simulate my display creator dash. However, Lap Gain/Loss Running is not being passed through (it stays zero as the simulation proceeds). In the "Values" list during the DC simulation the values which are being sent through i2 have a color next to them and work perfectly (display simulation in DC updates while the i2 log file "animates"). I can't manually change those values (the manual control box is completely empty) while connected to i2. The other values (including Lap Gain/Loss Running) have no color and the values can be manually changed.

Is there a way I can change what values i2 passes to DC while simulating the dash? It is not a logging issue as "Lap Gain Loss/Running" is logged and the value is displayed in i2 during the simulation. Thanks!
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Re: How to change channels i2 sends to DC for dash simulatio

Postby adrian on Wed Jun 23, 2021 8:10 am

At the moment there isn't any way to pick which channels DC uses from i2, if there is a matching channel it will use it.

The only way would be to use the Channel Mappings in i2 to change the name of the channel so it doesn't match the one in DC.

I will put a feature request in our system to allow you to toggle whether the channel is linked to i2 or if it is manually controlled.
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