local timestamp in .csv file converted from MoteC i2

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local timestamp in .csv file converted from MoteC i2

Postby Fazilat on Mon Apr 04, 2022 6:47 pm

Hello all, I am a member of one eSport group working on sim racing and sim driving. we use MoteC i2 pro 1.1 for collecting telemetry data from ACC. We exported telemetry data as a .csv file for doing advance analysis. The data includes a time starting from 0 until the end of the driving task. However we are looking for a local timestamp which is the local time of the machine while the task has been done. The csv file also just includes the log time of the data which is the end time of the task with format of HH:MM:SS. But we need millisecond as well.
I know that there are some ways to write script (using MoTec i2 pro API) to interact with logged data via i2 Pro to customize it. Before trying this way, just would like to make sure if there is any other way or any features in the software for us to help us in this matter.
Thanks for your help and suggestions
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