Fuel Test

  • 25/Jul/2007 Mounted engine dynamometer evaluation of high octane retail fuels

Fuel testing results as seen on Network Ten's RPM Program


Fuel comparison tests were performed on three leading brand high octane fuels, Shell V-Power Racing and two Premium 98 Octane fuels (brands X and Y), under strictly controlled conditions. Tests were performed using a current model Mitsubishi Evo IX 2ltr turbocharged engine*  mounted to a purpose built engine dynamometer cell. Tests were conducted using the standard Mitsubishi ECU and a MoTeC Plug In M800 ECU. No modifications were made to the engine.

The results of the testing clearly indicated that:

  1. Tuning of engines is required to obtain the maximum benefit from any fuel.

  2. There can be significant performance benefits to the fitting of a MoTeC Engine Control Unit (ECU), even without engine modifications.

  3. Shell V-Power Racing 100 Octane fuel consistently delivered significantly more torque (up to 10.7%) and engine horsepower (up to 4.6%) than other commercially available high octane fuels in the retail market.

In addition, based on limited testing, Aviation Fuel (Av Gas) was also tested.
Initial results showed that V-Power Racing was superior in its detonation resistance and able to make more power than the tested Av Gas.

*Mitsubishi Lancer, Evolution IX, 4G63 2ltr, 16 valve DOHC MIVEC intercooled, turbocharged engine



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