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  • 06/Aug/2019 Smoke Signals from RDS (Russian Drift Series)

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Congratulations BrigRace

Alex supports the teams who, running M1 powered cars, took to the podium with 2nd & 3rd place (and the first place in the team championship points) at the recent RDS: Russian Drift Series, stage 4 race.

The RDS (Russian Drift Series) championship is top level drift championship in Russia where the top pilots compete for the title.  It attracts a global audience including top Japanese drivers like Daigo Saito and Tetsuya Hibino. Alex supports some of the premier teams in the championship, whose pilots rank top 5 in Russia. One pilot is 3 time RDS champion and 2nd in the FIA world championship in 2017.

Alex supplies MoTeC control and telemetry systems for top team, Failcrew whose sponsors include Black Monster Energy Drink and Toyo Tires Japan. Alex also supports the team during and between the races, monitoring engine operation and overall car performance.

Having made major overhaul to both car’s electronics and wiring for this season, both Nissan R34 and Toyota Mark II, show excellent performance and reliability thanks to MoTeC M1 ECUs, PDM and Dashes. Both pilots are aiming for 1st place in the championship and both have a good chance.

In addition there is a 3rd car (Nissan Silvia S14 with 900hp Toyota 2JZ) being built right now for the 3rd team member also utilising full MoTeC product range (M1, PDM and Dash).

Great results Alex!

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