Several options are available as upgrades to customise and grow your system. These additional features are activated through a simple password system, at any time when you need it.

For the M84 engine management system the following upgrades are available:

Dual Wideband Lambda

Single on-board Wideband Lambda is included as standard, with a dual option available as an upgrade for applications that require more than one Lambda input.

Advanced Functions

  • Traction Control and Launch Control (2, 3 or 4 wheel)

  • Hi/Lo Injection (secondary injection)
  • Gear Change Ignition Cut (flat shifts)

  • Overrun Boost Enhancement (anti-lag)

Traction Control ‡

The Traction Control option enables user-programmable Traction and Launch Control. Traction Control reduces engine power, by cutting cylinders, to limit wheel spin when traction is broken.

Hi/Lo Injection ‡

Hi/Lo injection enables control of primary and secondary sets of injectors. The injectors are controlled using a 3D table to define the balance of fuel flow between primary and secondary injectors.

Gear Change Ignition Cut ‡

Gear Change Ignition Cut (also known as 'flat shift') momentarily cuts engine power to allow a gear up-shift at wide open throttle. An input to the ECU is used to trigger the cut.

Overrun Boost Enhancement ‡

Enables boost control to reduce turbo lag and improve throttle response in tight and twisty stages for turbocharged cars, specifically in rally events. 

‡ Traction Control, Hi/Lo Injection, Gear Change Ignition Cut and Overrun Boost Enhancement are available separately or as part of Advanced Functions.

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